My Vegan Year: The young person’s seasonal guide to going plant-based Overview

Millions of young people want to be more plant-based – and this is the first-ever young person’s guide to the whole vegan year.

It’s filled with helpful advice and inspiration about how to cut down on (or cut out) meat and dairy, as well as the latest nutritional information to ensure young readers have the all-important facts at their fingertips, free from disinformation and waffle.

Starting in spring, the book shows you how to make amazing vegan food in every season. As well as over 50 fun, simple and delicious recipes that anyone can try, it’s also filled with great tips for every season – from how to grow your own veg to the ultimate vegan finger food for the party season. It’s a fantastic handbook that’s the perfect plant-based companion for 365 days of being vegan!

About the Author

Niki Webster is a vegan food blogger and author, whose new book Rebel Recipes was published by Bloomsbury in December 2019. A qualified health coach, she has worked with brands including Waitrose, Holland & Barrett and Wholefoods, and has travelled extensively to compile delicious plant-based recipes from around the world.

Editorial Reviews

“This is a cookbook geared towards those new to veganism. It explains how veganism is environmentally conscious, covers dietary needs, contains advice on maintaining health in winter, and suggests vegan “swaps” for those missing cheese or wondering what can replace a meaty centerpiece. In addition, Webster helps teenagers think through the ethical sourcing of non-food items like clothing and cosmetics. . .[this book] is a teenager’s perfect introduction to veganism, packed with recipes for delicious and eye-catching dishes.” – Rebecca Foster, Review of My Vegan Year. 2022 January / February

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