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The cover for the book Eat & Run. Features a picture of a man running over rock underneath a blue sky.

Eat & Run

Author: Scott Jurek · Subject: Fitness & Sports


For nearly two decades, Scott Jurek has been a dominant force – and darling – in the grueling and growing sport of ultrarunning. Until recently he held the American 24-hour record and he was one of the elite runners profiled in the runaway bestseller Born to Run.

In Eat and Run, Jurek opens up about his life and career as a champion athlete with a plant-based diet and inspires runners at every level. From his Midwestern childhood hunting, fishing, and cooking for his meat-and-potatoes family to his slow transition to ultrarunning and veganism, Scott’s story shows the power of an iron will and blows apart the stereotypes of what athletes should eat to fuel optimal performance.

Full of stories of competition as well as science and practical advice — including his own recipes — Eat and Run will motivate readers and expand their food horizons.

About the Author

Scott Jurek is an ultramarathon champion and the 24-hour American record holder of 165.7 miles–6 1/2 marathons in one day. His wins include the Western States 100 Mile Endurance Run an unprecedented seven consecutive times, the 135 mile Badwater Ultramarathon twice, Hardrock Hundred and the 153-mile Spartathlon three times.

He powers his body on a plant-based diet and is a passionate cook, physical therapist, and coach. Scott prominently appears in two New York Times Bestsellers Born to Run and The 4-Hour Body. He has been featured in the The New York Times, CNN, USA Today, Wall Street Journal, EPSN Magazine and numerous other media.


“In pursuing the mental side of endurance, Jurek uncovers the most important secrets any runner can learn.” – Amby Burfoot, author of The Runner’s Guide to the Meaning of Life

“Jurek’s story and ideas should easily manage to speak to and cheer on anyone seeking to live life as fully as possible.” – Denver Post

“A shockingly honest, revealing, and inspiring memoir.” – Trail Runner

“The strength of the book lies in his descriptions of races and runners, and it’s worth joining Jurek on his remarkable journey for these alone.” – Simon Redfern. “Eat & Run, by Scott Jurek.” The Independent. 18 Aug 2012

“As Eat & Run reveals the inner workings of a champion while exploring the world of plant-based diets, Scott asks himself the same questions we all ponder while inspiring runners at all levels. And in the end, he remains in the challenge of continuing to expand as an athlete while seeking how he can most authentically play that out…And what we do after reading this gem is change up our diet and lace-up our running shoes. Eat & Run is a solid read by a really great guy.” – Terri Schneider. “Book Review: Eat & Run.Adventure Sports Journal.


The cover for the book Eat & Run. Features a picture of a man running over rock underneath a blue sky.

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