Project Animal Farm Overview

Born out of a global expedition fearlessly undertaken by a young woman, Project Animal Farm offers a riveting and revealing look at what truly happens behind farm doors.

Sonia Faruqi, an Ivy League graduate, and investment banker had no idea that the night she arrived at the doorstep of a dairy farm would mark the beginning of a journey that would ultimately wind all the way around the world. Instead of turning away from the animal cruelty, she came to witness, Sonia made the most courageous decision of her life: a commitment to change things.

Driven by impulsive will and searing passion, Sonia left behind everything she knew and loved to search the planet for solutions to benefit animals, human health, and the environment. Over the course of living with farmers, hitchhiking with strangers, and risking her life, she developed surprising insights and solutions―both about the food industry and herself.

Lively and heartfelt, Sonia takes readers on an unforgettable adventure from top-secret egg warehouses in Canada to dairy feedlots in the United States, from farm offices in Mexico to lush pastures in Belize, from flocks of village chickens in Indonesia to factory farms in Malaysia.

Revelatory in scope, Project Animal Farm illuminates a hidden world that plays a part in all of our lives.


About the Author

Sonia Faruqi graduated from Dartmouth College with cum laude distinction and several honors and recognition. She then worked at an investment bank on Wall Street, before changing her path to investigate animal farms around the world, toward the aim of improving animal lives and reforming our current system of food production.


Editorial Reviews

“Farqui thoughtfully explores the way in which brutality and disregard of animal welfare are endemic in the industry on a global scale and provides suggestions for realistic actions that readers can take to encourage change. The book begs comparison to Upton Sinclair’s The Jungle.” – Publishers Weekly


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