Super Easy Vegan Cheese Cookbook: 70 Delicious Plant-Based Cheeses Overview

The Super Easy Vegan Cheese Cookbook offers the simplest, no-fail recipes for the taste, texture, and cheesiness you crave.

Vegan cheesemaking has come a long way from hard-to-find ingredients and specialty equipment. In the Super Easy Vegan Cheese Cookbook, you’ll find the easiest recipes to make rich and creamy homemade vegan cheeses―and rival traditional cheese in any taste test.

From Zesty Dijon Cheddar to Roasted Garlic Pistachio Cheese, this vegan cheese cookbook serves up plant-based alternatives to classic cheeses along with new favorites using nuts, coconut, and even cauliflower. Requiring nothing more advanced than a blender and using few, easy-to-find ingredients, this cookbook has everything you need to bring the craft of cheese making to your kitchen.

This cookbook includes:

  • A fool-proof introduction to vegan cheese making that outlines basic ingredients, kitchen set-up, pantry staples, ingredient prep, best practices, and storage tips.
  • Easy recipes that use staple ingredients and equipment to make homemade vegan cheese affordable and doable.
  • 75 classic and new vegan cheeses for cheese sauces and spreads, soft cheese, semihard pressed cheeses, hard and aged cheeses, and fermented, cultured cheeses.

Enjoy your favorite cheeses―and make them too―with the simple, straightforward recipes from the Super Easy Vegan Cheese Cookbook.


About the Author

Janice Buckingham is a private chef, food blogger, and founder of the plant-based cheese brand Flora Fromage. Passionate about craftsmanship and great taste, Janice enjoys making recipes for her mostly plant-based blog, catering events, and teaching cooking classes.

Editorial Reviews

“Janice is a cheese wizard. Her recipes display her talent while remaining approachable and perfect for the everyday cook. The feta cheeses caught my eye because I’m Greek, but of course, there is no cheese of Janice’s that I would not make and surely enjoy.” ― Maria Koutsogiannis, of Food by Maria and author of Mindful Vegan Meals

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