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Cover for the book, The Ultimate Uncheese Cookbook. Features a hand drawn illustration of various cheesy foods like pizza and cheesecake sitting on a table.

The Ultimate Uncheese Cookbook

Author: Jo Stepaniak · Subject: Cookbooks


Enjoy eating and cooking all your favorite cheesy dishes without the cholesterol, animal products and dairy allergies that can be harmful to your health.

About the Author

Jo Stepaniak, MSEd, is an author and educator who has been involved with vegetarian- and vegan-related issues for nearly four decades. Jo has been a frequent guest presenter, lecturer, and workshop leader throughout North America and is the author or co-author of almost a dozen books on vegetarian cooking or books on vegan living and philosophy.


“If you love cheese but don’t or can’t eat it, I recommend picking up a copy of this book. The recipes are well-written and easy to follow, and they don’t use too many weird, hard-to-find, or unhealthy ingredients. A lot of cheese substitutes involve a ton of oil or nuts, so I love that she does a good job keeping her recipes relatively low fat. It’s a lot easier to feel like you’re choosing a healthy alternative if you don’t add in a cup of oil!” – Jessica Verma. “Cookbook Review: The Ultimate Uncheese Cookbook.” Clean Green Simple. Mar 2013

The Ultimate Uncheese Cookbook contains the home chef’s trifecta: clear instructions, easy-to-find ingredients, and delicious results. There’s an index, and, additionally, an allergen-free index with recipes listed according to their suitability for food allergy sufferers. Indeed, this cookbook is filled with many useful details: recommendations for variations on the recipe, suggestions for how to serve the particular recipe—what kind of vegetable is best for dipping into which fondue, for instance— and an informative introduction by vegan nutritionist Vesanto Melina. Stepaniak has a keen eye for precision.” – Bob Orabona. “Book Review: Smile and Say Un-Cheese.” Friends of Animals. 14 Mar 2013

“These vegan cheeses are made with whole, plant-based foods without the refined starches that are used in many store-bought brands.  This cookbook goes beyond making a certain kind of cheese, giving you a plethora of uncheese-based recipes. If you’ve ever thought you could never go vegan because you could never give up cheese, well this book just might change your mind.” – Sharon Nazarian. “Vegan Cheese YumFest with The Ultimate Uncheese Cookbook.” Big City Vegan. 20 Nov 2011


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