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Cover for the book, The Non-Dairy Evolution Cookbook. Features a plate of cheese blocks.

The Non-Dairy Evolution Cookbook

Author: Skye Michael Conroy · Subject: Cookbooks


The Non-Dairy Evolution Cookbook is a follow-up to The Non-Dairy Formulary and offers new and improved plant-based, dairy-free recipes to delight your palate.

Detailed step-by-step instructions are provided for creating non-dairy butter, milk and creams using a variety of plant-based ingredient options; cultured butter; cultured raw buttermilk; cultured cashew-based creams; Greek-style yogurt and sharp, tangy cultured cheeses; “instant” soymilk or almond milk-based cheeses that shred and melt; tofu-based cheeses; delicious eggless egg recipes; and delectable non-dairy desserts including puffy, gelatin-free marshmallows!

Good karma never tasted so delicious!

Please note: The cookbook contains no photos. As a companion reference guide, website offers a full-color photo gallery of many of the recipes in the cookbook.

About the Author

Skye Michael Conroy is the author of The Non-Dairy Evolution Cookbook and The Non-Dairy Formula.


“This is such a great cookbook! I went vegan 6 months ago and had no idea what to cook for myself and my family (4 kids plus husband). I bought this and The Gentle Chef and both have been money so well spent. I can make mozzarella and cheddar cheeses, and cream for my coffee, and cheese sauce, and butter! I don’t have to use store-bought vegan butter sticks that taste like paint fumes anymore! The mayonnaise made from this cookbook is better than any store-bought, vegan or not. And none of the recipes is that hard, once you get the sometimes unusual ingredients. The author clearly explains the instructions for the recipes and suggests where to purchase some of the unusual vegan ingredients. There is a wide variety of recipes included. The introduction to the cookbook is very informative and since I was new to being vegan, I found it very helpful. I highly recommend this cookbook.” – L. Chapman, Amazon

“The non-dairy recipes in Chef Skye Michael’s latest cookbook are outstanding! Prior to “finding” “The Gentle Chef”, I was a vegetarian who wanted very much to transition to vegan. The recipes in his latest cookbook not only convinced me to make the switch, but it also did so with unbelievably delicious vegan versions for my favorite cheeses such as pepper jack, dill Havarti and Camembert! The creamy sauces are in every way as rich and flavorful as dairy. The gelato is superb. The creams, butter, whipped cream, creamy soups are so like their dairy counterpart, that people will definitely be asking; “That was vegan?” – Louise, Amazon


Cover for the book, The Non-Dairy Evolution Cookbook. Features a plate of cheese blocks.

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