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Cover for the book, Coconut Milk Ice Cream. Features a ice cream - 3 scoops, 1 chocolate, 1 vanilla, and 1 strawberry - inside a half coconut shell sitting on top of a blue background.

Coconut Milk Ice Cream

Author: Aimee Ryan · Subject: Cookbooks


Coconut Milk Ice Cream teaches you how to make delicious vegan & grain-free ice creams, frozen desserts & treats at home using coconut milk and other healthy ingredients. From the classics like vanilla, cookie dough and salted caramel to more unusual flavors such as wasabi, red velvet beetroot and green tea, there are flavors to suit everyone’s taste!

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“I have only tried the vanilla recipe and the kids really liked it. I had to substitute the vanilla paste with regular vanilla as the paste is not available in my area and I couldn’t get it shipped to rural Alaska. There seem to be several ingredients used in various recipes that I doubt I will be able to find but that is not the fault of the author. Even finding unsweetened shredded coconut has proved to be impossible. People in a more populated area with more stores and better mail service probably won’t have any problem getting all the things needed. Anyway the grandkids really loved the vanilla and we are looking forward to trying the chocolate. There are many recipes for things besides ice cream that look really good. It’s surprising how many different things are in this little book actually. I like it.” – MHS, Amazon

“My daughter is dairy-free so I thought I’d try some of these. Delicious. I have a gelato-maker and that definitely makes things easier, but never thought I’d be using Coconut Milk and not tasting it, or when I accent it, it tastes wonderful. Definitely try this book if you love ice-cream.” – Beth M. Shaefer, Amazon

“It is mandatory for me to use the Candida Diet for the balance of my life and I can definitely work with the recipes in this book. Sugar is forbidden on my diet so I can substitute Stevia instead of any sugar containing substance. The recipes only make a quart so I will have to make one batch ahead for freezing when expecting guests with another one to be frozen the day before guests. The look to be delicious and will update after trying a recipe. Using coconut cream or canned coconut milk should make for a very creamy ice cream. A five-star rating may be entered after trying a couple of recipes; all are short and simple to prepare. I have a Cuisinart maker which should make the final step very easy.” – Kat Lady, Amazon


Cover for the book, Coconut Milk Ice Cream. Features three scoop of ice cream - 1 chocolate, 1 strawberry, 1 vanilla - inside a coconut shell bowl with a blue background.

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