Incredible Vegan Ice Cream Overview

With Incredible Vegan Ice Cream, you can dig into FoMu Ice Cream’s most popular flavors without waiting in line for a cone.

Signature scoops like Peanut Butter Mud Pie, Rockier Road, Matcha White Chocolate, and Avocado Lime are easy to whip up at home with a basic ice cream machine and a handful of fresh, wholesome ingredients.

Made with a versatile, extra creamy coconut milk base, these vegan, allergy-friendly recipes are totally free of additives and preservatives. Thanks to honest ingredients like seasonal fruit and veggies, real vanilla bean, freshly ground spices, and homemade chocolate sauce, you can enjoy each melty spoonful to the fullest.

From Pumpkin Caramel to Cold Brew, your ice cream machine will be busy all year long.

About the Author

Deena Jalal is the owner and founder of FoMu Ice Cream, a plant-based frozen treat company with multiple shops in the Boston area and distribution to stores along the East Coast.

Editorial Reviews

“The creativity in these recipes ensures that all guests, even the non-vegans, will be happy.” ― Ilene Bezahler, Publisher, Edible Boston

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