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Cover for the book, Even Vegans Die. Features a cream background with black letters mixed with letters made from lettuce, tomatoes, and cucumbers.

Even Vegans Die: A Practical Guide to Caregiving, Acceptance, and Protecting Your Legacy of Compassion

Authors: Carol J. Adams & Patti Brietman & Virginia Messina · Subject: Nutrition & Health


Even Vegans Die empowers vegans and their loved ones to make the best decisions regarding their own health, their advocacy for animals, and their legacy. By addressing issues of disease shaming and body shaming, the authors present a manifesto for building a more compassionate, diverse, and effective vegan community.

Even Vegans Die celebrates the benefits of a plant-based diet while acknowledging that even vegans can get sick. You will learn how to make the health care decisions that are right for you, how to ensure your efforts to help animals will not end after you die, and how to provide compassionate care for yourself and for others in the face of serious illness.

The book offers practical, thoughtful, and sensitive advice on creating a will, mourning, and caregiving. Without shying away from the reality of death, Even Vegans Die offers a message that remains uplifting and hopeful for all animal advocates, and all those who care about them.

About the Authors

Carol J. Adams is the author of the pioneering The Sexual Politics of Meat, called a “vegan bible” by The New York Times (now in a twentieth-fifth anniversary Bloomsbury Revelations edition), plus more than twenty other books. The Carol J. Adams Reader appeared in 2016. She frequently speaks on college campuses. She is working on a memoir about her decade as a caregiver. She lives near Dallas, Texas with her partner and their two rescued dog companions, Holly and Inky.

Virginia Messina, MPH, RD is a dietitian and public health nutritionist specializing in vegan nutrition. She has a degree in nutrition from Douglass College of Rutgers University and a master’s degree in public health nutrition from the University of Michigan.


“At sanctuaries, we know better than anybody that everybody dies. We also know that people are most likely to hurt themselves or others when they mistake themselves for superheroes. Even Vegans Die offers a refreshing and essential antidote to all-too-human delusions of invincibility, while also arguing (accurately) that the vegan and animal advocacy movements will become more effective by embracing diversity, including diversity of body size and health experience. As a bonus, the book offers practical advice alongside astute analyses.” – Pattrice Jones, author, and co-founder of VINE Sanctuary

“The benefits of a plant-based diet and a healthy lifestyle are underutilized and underappreciated, yet concurrently to some, they represent a moral high ground as an impenetrable shield defying risk, chance, and even death. To be sick or overweight or in any way unrepresentative of an ideal body is deemed unclean and immoral and the fault always lies on the individual. But the research that outlines the benefits of a vegan diet also shows us that disease and death are a part of our lives beyond diet and lifestyle. A range of body types has always existed and will continue to live and to expect otherwise is detrimental to our collective health. Even Vegans Die is here to remind us that snake oil is not vegan and to do the most good we have to accept this reality and act accordingly.” – Matt Ruscigno, MPH, RD, co-author, No Meat Athlete and Appetite for Reduction

“Why is a title as obviously true as Even Vegans Die so provocative? This much-needed book from some of the vegan movement s most compelling thinkers not only provides insights into this question, but it also offers a wide range of practical advice on how to better care for ourselves and our community and why it s critically important to do so. Eschewing perfectionism, denial, and blame, the authors present a care-centered lifestyle and model of effective activism based on discerning realism and profound inclusivity. The result is an empowering set of theories and recommendations that embolden people of conscience to create more deliberate lives and more enduring legacies.” – Dawn Moncrief, Founding Director, A Well-Fed World


Cover for the book, Even Vegans Die. Features a cream background with black letters mixed with letters made from lettuce, tomatoes, and cucumbers.

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