Balanced Bodies Vegan Cookbook Book Overview

Finally, get off the processed and refined foods for good with the Balanced Bodies Vegan Cookbook.

Processed food can intensify cravings, keep you “in the food” and make you feel sluggish. This feeling is because refined ingredients can over-stimulate your taste buds to such an extent that you “must” keep eating them. You can’t make good choices after that.

How can a beautiful piece of broccoli compete with a delicious chocolate chip cookie?

The reason is that once the food is altered, milled, or refined, it has the tendency to make you crave more or make you feel sick. Refined foods ensure overeating because your taste buds deaden to the intense flavors and you cannot get satisfied.

Processed food makes you crave more processed foods. Sugar begets sugar. It’s true! “Processed food is so refined it kicks up cravings, and the more sugar you eat, the more you will want.” It’s a vicious circle that in the end leaves you exhausted, frustrated and hungry. Balanced Bodies Vegan Cookbook will show you how to kick these cravings for good.

All of the recipes contained in the Balanced Bodies Vegan Cookbook are free of gluten, dairy & sugar as well as vegan.

About the Author

Ana Goldseker, CNC, established her practice to help individuals and families find ways to make mindful food choices. Ana holds a BFA from Ithaca College. She earned her CNC certification from the Trinity School of Natural Health and is a member of the EDN of Maryland (Eating Disorder Network). She and Beth run

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