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Cover for the book Baby and Toddler Vegan Feeding Guide.

Baby and Toddler Vegan Feeding Guide

Author: Julia Feliz Brueck · Subject: Nutrition & Health


The Baby and Toddler Vegan Feeding Guide is a straightforward, evidence-based guide for parents embarking on the journey of plant-based diets for their little ones. Written by a decade-long vegan mom with a background in science, this supportive guide is a dietitian-approved resource that will walk you through the essentials of meeting your child’s nutritional needs.

About the Author

Julia Feliz Brueck is a mom to two boys and a longtime vegan. Her education and professional background are in the fields of science and research, and she also holds two diplomas in art illustration. Julia is also an author and illustrator of magazines and books, including the first-ever vegan-themed board book for babies and toddlers, Libby Finds Vegan Sanctuary.

She is also the founder of Sanctuary Publishers, a vegan book publisher that gives back to marginalized communities with every book sold.


“Excited to see this great resource. Babies and Toddlers Vegan Feeding Guide [sic] an absolute must for all moms, especially those new to the Vegan lifestyle or thinking about it. It certainly is always helpful to have resources like this one when you want to make sure you children are eating healthy, balanced meals! I was the child that didn’t like meat, it would have helped my mom back then to have an alternative like this rather than forcing me to eat what I naturally did not like. What I especially like is the evidence backing the nutritional information provided with the book.. from a mom to another. It’s great.” – Gina, Amazon

“As a new vegan parent, this guide is an invaluable resource to my family. It is reassuring to have a book that easily explains how to feed our baby in a way that we can easily follow and without any overly complicated foods or recipes. We especially liked the fill-in yourself chart and how the author takes the time to explain several claims that turn out to not be true based on research.” – BH, Amazon

“This book came at a great time. My daughter is just 12 months and more of her diet is coming from solid foods. This book does an excellent job of describing a traditional weaning route for vegan babies. Note this book is not describing “baby led weaning” however those following that weaning approach may benefit from the nutrient information as well, especially past 12 months. I really appreciated the evidence and science to back up her claims. This is sorely lacking at times in the vegan community. The fact that she used Ginny Messina’s research helps give it much more clout to me. I will be printing out some of her guides and making the muffins! I’m happy to be armed with more information as we enter the toddler years.” – A. Bittinger, Amazon


Cover for the book Baby and Toddler Vegan Feeding Guide.

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