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Cover of the book, Low-FODMAP and Vegan. Features a white plate with a variety of vegetables sitting on top of teal and green painted wooden boards.

Low-FODMAP and Vegan

Author: Jo Stepaniak · Subject: Cookbooks


FODMAPs, a broad variety of naturally occurring carbohydrates found in many plant-based foods, can wreak havoc on sensitive digestive systems, especially in people who have irritable bowel syndrome and other functional bowel disorders. Pinpointing and eliminating FODMAPs while maintaining nutritional excellence can be especially challenging for vegans because FODMAPs are found in an extensive range of common vegan foods and ingredients.

In this groundbreaking resource and cookbook, Low FODMAP and Vegan lays bare not only the FODMAPs vegans with IBS need to avoid, but also the wide assortment of nutritious plant-based foods that are generally well tolerated.

Easy-to-read tables and shopping lists arm readers with all the information they need to navigate the supermarket and purchase kind-to-the-gut fruits, vegetables, grains, nuts, seeds, beverages, and condiments. Over 100 low-FODMAP recipes will help readers prepare spectacular seasonings as well as mainstays for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snacks, so they can stay healthy and satisfied while pampering their delicate digestive systems.

About the Author

Jo Stepaniak is the author and coauthor of more than two dozen books on vegan cuisine, health, and compassionate living, including Gluten-Free Tips and Tricks for Vegans, The Ultimate Uncheese Cookbook, and Gluten-Free Success Strategies. She has dealt with multiple food sensitivities and understands firsthand the challenges of living with dietary restrictions.


“As a person previously diagnosed with IBS, I was excited to receive this book. Although it is written for vegans with IBS, I think it is a book that will benefit anyone who has IBS, vegan or not. The recipes are good and the complicated topic of IBS is explained in an easy to understand way. Apart from the helpful information on IBS, most recipes are simple to prepare and include ingredients likely already on hand in most kitchens. So far I have made a Bliss Bowl, the Red Pepper & Pine Nut Sauce, Spinach & Pine Nut Pesto, No-Bake Peanut Butter Granola Bars, Garden Vegetable Soup, Zucchini in a Pickle and Maple Miso Tofu, all with excellent results. I look forward to making all of the Good-to-Your-Gut Sauces and many, many more Bliss Bowls! This book isn’t about what you can’t eat with IBS. Rather, it’s all about the delicious food you can eat and all while helping to heal your gut. I ordered a second copy as a gift for an IBS sufferer who is not vegan. I know she will also love this book!” – Kris Giovanni, Amazon

“I’m vegan for ethical reasons and gluten-free for health reasons so when I still had a few issues that I discovered were due to a sensitivity to high FODMAP foods, I really did feel like I couldn’t eat anything. This cookbook helps so much. The recipes are delicious but easy to prepare and not at all complicated. The photography is well done and it’s a beautiful cookbook aesthetically speaking. For sure, it’s earned a prime spot on my “especially awesome books” shelf! I highly recommend this book to those who may have digestive issues and sensitivities, but also to anyone because the recipes will appeal to everyone … including those who are not yet vegan. Well done, Jo Stepaniak, I love this book!” – Lisa Viger, Amazon

“I can eat again!!! This is an amazing resource. I have been plagued with digestive difficulties in my entire life. Being a conscientious vegan and IBS sufferer, it was easier to NOT eat in order to avoid stomach cramping and bloating. I’m very grateful to Jo Stepaniak’s extensive research and explanation of IBS and FODMAP. She presents necessary dietary modifications and delicious recipes that aren’t difficult or too exotic that even I can make and love. Jo has made shopping so much easier by using the “Gut-friendly Shopping List and Pantry Guide”. She gives comprehensive tables of FODMAP safe foods with recommended portion sizes. Jo even recommends carrying a notecard with you of the foods you can eat for when you dine out. With this book, Jo has really helped me improve my health and enjoyment of food. Thank you, Jo, and thanks to my dear friend who gave it to me.” – Linda Z., Amazon


Cover of the book, Low-FODMAP and Vegan. Features a white plate with a variety of vegetables sitting on top of teal and green painted wooden boards.

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