Why I Will Always Be Vegan Overview

This book is dedicated to what it means to be vegan. The beautifully presented pages offer insight into committed vegans worldwide with 125 deeply personal essays.

About the Author

Butterflies Katz has been a proud vegan for over a quarter of a century and has lived communally for 25 years. Her life’s passion is to spread the vegan message. Towards that end, she publishes informative articles and is a professional vegan chef. She is also a full-time volunteer for a non-profit educational organization. She co-authored: Incredibly Delicious; Recipes for a New Paradigm by Gentle World.

Editorial Reviews

“The result is an inspiring collection of short essays from people of all ages, diverse backgrounds, and economies from all around the planet. Look out for the local contributions from South Africans Melanie Thomet and Daniel Bothma! Each essay is a personal story of realisation and understanding in relation to the vegan ideal. This is a book to keep readily at hand. Whether reading for yourself or sharing a story with family and friends, it is both a confirmation and inspiration for already committed vegans and for those who are seeking deeper insight into why veganism offers hope for the future of our planet and all its inhabitants – not just humans.” – South African Vegan Society. Book Review 

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