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Why I Will Always Be Vegan

Author: Butterflies Katz · Subject: Lifestyle


Why I Will Always Be Vegan is dedicated to what it means to be vegan. The beautifully presented pages offer insight into committed vegans worldwide.

About the Author

Compiled and published by M “Butterflies” Katz, long-term vegan (since 1979), animal rights advocate.


“[This book] is a must read for vegans and anyone who is considering becoming one. In fact I believe it will convert many people who never considered or doubted the value of veganism. Each essay was written with passion and conviction. Each one uniquely sheds light on the mental, emotional and spiritual aspects of the vegan truth. The truth is, the misery and suffering humanity inflicts upon animals is wrong. There can be no peace on earth until all sentient beings are respected and free to live their lives. There is no superior species. There is only one species who falsely believes in their own superiority. Read this book. It will grip your soul.” – Bonnie Crocker, Amazon

“[This book] helps me relate to so many people around the world. A lot of these essays are able to say in the perfect words what I could never really describe feeling as a vegan, helping me to understand my feelings better, introspect, and be in a better position to talk to other people about veganism. For non-vegans, this is a great book to read because it gives you true insight into why people actually choose to live a vegan life. What you find may be actually very different from what you ever thought veganism is about. Neither is veganism an exclusive club, an elitist group, or cult, nor it is some mystical, ascetic practice that is supposed to be hard to do. Anyone and everyone can easily start being vegan. People from all sorts of professions, ethnicities, countries, age groups, and societies are going vegan all the time. Firefighters, lawyers, 3-year olds, 60-year olds, teachers, engineers, doctors…you name it! I hope you’ll read this book to undo all the misrepresentation of veganism that has been spread by celebrities and other health/nutrition/diet personalities. And of course for vegans, this is a great read as well. Just through the simple pages of a book, you become instantly connected at a beautiful level to all those other people around the world that have come to the same basic realization as yourself.” – AJ, Amazon


Why I Will Always Be Vegan - Vegan Books - Your Daily Vegan

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