The Joyful Vegan Overview

It’s easy to find vegan recipes.

Dealing with being vegan in a non-vegan world? That’s the hard part.

Colleen’s new book, The Joyful Vegan, is here to help.

Many people go vegan for animals, the environment, or their health. Despite the benefits, they’re often met with resistance from friends, family, and society.

These outside factors can make veganism seem tricky to sustain. Emotionally exhausting even.

This scenario leads to a sad reality. Many vegans return to eating meat, dairy, or eggs.

It’s not because there’s nothing to eat.

It’s not because there isn’t enough protein in plants.

And it’s not because people lack willpower.

Instead, people stay vegan or not depending on how well they handle the social, cultural, and emotional aspects of living vegan.

The Joyful Vegan offers tips for:

  • Managing vegan challenges
  • “Coming out vegan” to family & friends
  • How to have healthy relationships with vegans and non-vegans
  • Communicating effectively
  • Finding like-minded people and peace of mind as a vegan in a non-vegan world

Using the tools provided in this book, readers will find they can live ethically, eat healthfully, engage socially joyfully.

About the Author

Colleen is the author of six books, including The Joy of Vegan Baking and Color Me Vegan.

She is a public speaker and a multimedia host. Her inspiring podcast, Food for Thought, was voted Favorite Podcast by VegNews magazine readers.

Colleen is a regular contributor to National Public Radio and has appeared on The Food Network and PBS.

Editorial Reviews

The Joyful Vegan is a breath of fresh air in a world that, far too often, thumbs its nose at people who prioritize compassion. Every vegan, semi-vegan, or plant-based individual needs a copy of this thoughtful, thorough, game-changing book!” — Evanna Lynch, vegan activist, and actress in the Harry Potter film series


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