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Cover for the book, Blissful Basil. Features a circle of colorful vegetables sitting on top of orange-colored hummus.

Blissful Basil: Over 100 Plant-Powered Recipes to Unearth Vibrancy, Health, and Happiness

Author: Ashley Melillo · Subject: Cookbooks


Blissful Basil focuses on bringing out the best flavors of whole foods and features more than 100 plant-based dishes that will delight vegans, vegetarians, and meat-eaters alike. What’s more, most of the recipes are free from gluten, soy, and refined sugars.

Inside, you’ll discover a variety of new creations and fan favorites, including:

  • Raw Apple-Cinnamon Breakfast Parfait with Cinnamon Soft-Serve
  • Burst Heirloom Tomato + SuperSeed Pesto Pasta
  • Cosmically Fudgy Cacao-Tahini Brownies
  • Crispy Parmesan Brussels Sprout Chips with Lemon Aioli
  • Crispy Cauliflower Tacos with Tangy Slaw + Avocado Crema
  • Pile ’Em High Epic Plant-Powered Nachos

Blissful Basil offers a vibrant journey through vegan cooking, where delicious plant-based foods become the colorful foundation for meals that nourish the body and delight the senses. When you treat plants with love and a splash of creativity, you’ll discover dishes that are flavor-packed and satisfying, whether it’s a quick breakfast or a savory dinner.

This is a cookbook for anyone in search of an accessible way to cook and enjoy more delicious, health-giving meals.

About the Author

Ashley Melillo is the writer, photographer, and recipe-creator behind Blissful Basil, a blog dedicated to unearthing the happiest side of life through wholesome, plant-based foods.

A school psychologist by day and a vegan food blogger by night, Ashley is fascinated with the way that diet and lifestyle choices affect physical, cognitive, and emotional wellness. She incorporates a wide array of natural, health-enhancing ingredients into her recipes with the hope of guiding others on their path towards improved well-being all while enjoying delicious food (read: you can have your health and eat cake too!).

Ashley holds a Certificate in Plant-Based Nutrition and her recipes have been featured in Women’s Health, Redbook, The Huffington Post, and Shape, among others. She lives in Chicago with her husband, Dan, and orange tabby cat, Jack.


“A pleasure to browse and inspiring to plan menus with, Blissful Basil is enthusiastically recommended for personal, family, and community library cookbook collections.” —Midwest Book Review

“Ashley Melillo’s Blissful Basil has it all: sumptuous, creative recipes, bold and beautiful photography, and plenty of user-friendly tips on how to easily transition into plant-centric cooking. What’s most special about this collection, though, is the power of Ashley’s personal narrative of healing through colorful, nourishing, and wholesome meals. These are the recipes that transformed Ashley’s life, and her passion and gratitude shines through each and every bite.” —Gena Hamshaw, author of Food52 Vegan and Choosing Raw

“This is way more than a cookbook. It’s a coming of age story . . . that happens to have really incredible recipes and beautiful food. Ashley is a true inspiration and her encouraging, non-judgmental, and nurturing wisdom makes you feel like anything is possible.” —Jessica Murnane, author of One Part Plant and host of the One Part Podcast


Cover for the book, Blissful Basil. Features a circle of colorful vegetables sitting on top of orange-colored hummus.

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