The Vegan Bean Cookbook: High-Protein, Plant-Based Meals That Are Better for Your Body, Schedule and Budget Overview

This cookbook is for vegans looking to include more protein in their diets or anyone seeking more filling plant-based meals that satisfy.

First, this cookbook features favorites like pizza, curries, burgers, and pasta dishes. They were all made using various protein-rich beans, such as chickpeas, edamame, and black, white, butter beans, and more.

Next, get dinner on the table in minutes with Creamy Edamame Pesto Pasta. Indulge in comfort foods like Classic Family Meat(less)loaf with a side of Garlic Navy Bean Mashed Potatoes. Enjoy Lasagna with Butternut Squash & Roasted Chickpeas.

Best of all, you won’t taste beans in healthier desserts. The Vegan Bean Cookbook has recipes for Banana Bread with a Pulse Twist, Black Bean Chocolate Mousse, and PB & Chickpea Chocolate Chip Cookies.

Finally, in addition to being a great source of plant-based protein, beans (canned or dried) are very accessible and can be found for just a couple of dollars or less in most grocery stores.

With this bean-based cookbook, readers hold the secret to enjoying incredible vegan meals that are good for their bodies, budget, and busy schedules.

About the Author

Andrea Sorandidis is the founder of Petite Cook and the author of 20-Minute Italian. She balances her time living between Germany and London. Born and raised in Sicily (Italy), she moved to London and traveled all around the world, from Europe to the Middle East and all the way to Japan.

Editorial Reviews

The Vegan Bean Cookbook is accessible and budget-friendly. It’s packed with imaginative vegan recipes which look tasty as well as satisfying, and not just for vegans. Every recipe is clearly explained and each comes with a sidebar that lists all the ingredients you’ll need. The high quality of the photography further adds to the appeal and makes this a cookbook that you’ll definitely want to keep handy in your kitchen. This is above all a useful cookbook, as opposed to an aspirational one, so if you buy a copy it will soon be well-thumbed and won’t be left to gather dust on a bookshelf.” – Steve Shaw, Bishopsgate Publishing. 2 July 2022. Review: The Vegan Bean Cookbook

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