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A cover for the film From the Ground Up. Features a tree with different sports players around it.

From the Ground Up

2018 · Unrated · 1h 35m


What makes up the meat of an athlete? In the feature documentary From the Ground Up, former meat-eating college football player Santino Panico goes on a journey to rediscover the athlete within-this time, as a vegan. As he meets with vegetarian and vegan elite competitors, this story about food and sport expands to confront the social norms and the far-reaching impacts of food choices.

About the Filmmakers

From the Ground Up is directed and produced by Santino Panico for Topsoil Productions. Find out more about the film


“Although this movie has many, the biggest strength of From the Ground Up lies in its ability to engage a broad audience of vegans and non-vegans alike. The tone of the movie is humble and informative rather than inflammatory and controversial, even subtly offering tips for effective vegan activism…Each person who watches this movie is bound to learn something thanks to the variety of topics covered (even vegan-documentary aficionados like yours truly).” – Rebecca Marchand-Smith. “Review: Rich Roll And Torre Washington Feature In New Vegan Feb 2018

“His unpolished voiceover and the general sense of overkill aside, Panico delivers a quite respectable doc production. He borrows music by Explosions in the Sky to give the film an idealistic, Friday Night Lights mood, and though he’s clearly on a soapbox, his tone is never hectoring. Though it is overshadowed by many foodie and eco-themed docs before it, the film’s tight focus may make it a hit with earth-loving athletes who need to convince teammates and family members they aren’t crazy to give up meat.” – John DeFore. “From the Ground Up: Film Review.The Hollywood Reporter. 6 Dec 2017


A cover for the film From the Ground Up. Features a tree with different sports players around it.

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