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Cover for the film, Simply Raw. Features several silhouette people on a yellow, green, and blue background.

Simply Raw

2009 · Unrated · 1h 32m


Simply Raw: Reversing Diabetes in 30 Days is an independent documentary film that chronicles six Americans with diabetes who switch to a diet consisting entirely of vegan, organic, uncooked food in order to reverse disease without pharmaceutical medication.

The six are challenged to give up meat, dairy, sugar, alcohol, nicotine, caffeine, soda, junk food, fast food, processed food, packaged food, and even cooked food for 30 days. The film follows each participant’s remarkable journey and captures the medical, physical, and emotional transformations brought on by this radical diet and lifestyle change. We witness moments of struggle, support, and hope as what is revealed, with startling clarity, is that diet can reverse disease and change lives.

The film highlights each of the six before they begin the program and we first meet them in their home environment with their families. Each participant speaks candidly about their struggle to manage their diabetes and how it has affected every aspect of their life, from work to home to their relationships.

About the Filmmakers

Simiply Raw was produced by Raw for Thirty, LLC and directed by Aaron Butler.


“All I can say is wow. I’d heard about this film when it was on the independent film festival circuit and couldn’t wait to see it – especially after enjoying Morgan Spurlock’s film Super Size Me so much. If you think tv’s reality show The Biggest Loser is good inspiration for getting healthier and in shape than this journey will really knock your socks off! A handful of ‘real’ people are introduced to a whole new way to approach and improve their health – and we get to go along for the ride! It’s so much fun, and entertaining too – “reality” media at it’s best. It’s incredibly inspiring to watch these folks lose weight, lower their blood sugar levels naturally and make some great friendships while learning that you don’t need to be at the mercy of insulin for the rest of your life. If you work in the field of “health care” (as I do) you have a responsibility to offer options like this to your patients and clients. And if you know anyone with diabetes – and chances are, with the prevalence of this disease being what it is, that you do – you and they just shouldn’t miss out. This could change your life and your health, or that of someone you love.” – Modern Nightingale, Amazon

“I personally do not suffer from diabetes but have friends and family who do. After watching this extraordinary documentary I alerted and or bought copies for all of my friends and family, diabetic or not. This DVD changed my life. After watching how it changed the lives of the participants, I went 100% to a vegan diet and have never felt better, I have more energy than I did when I was twenty but the most astonishing thing that I have experienced…all of my arthritic symptoms have disappeared. My skin glows, my hair is shiny and healthy. I feel like a different person because I have lived with chronic pain most of my adult life. No more! I wish everyone would watch this. Just think of all the things one can do when not in pain not to mention the money one can save!” – Avid Readers, Amazon

“You have to watch this movie–it will inspire some to try raw, and give others who have diabetes options and hope–but if you want to go to the Institute that these people were at to get personal help. be prepared to fork over THOUSANDS of dollars in order to get that service. I Loved this movie and used it to convince my husband (who is not diabetic) to change at least some of his eating habits, after 20+ years of not eating healthy and ignoring me, he tried it and now chronic arthritis and bone degeneration has slowed in his back and his hips have greatly improved, I am not sure if he is a true believer yet, but he does incorporate more healthy, raw foods into his lifestyle and his mood has improved greatly due to a diet that contains more vegetables and raw foods.” – The Realskinny, Amazon


Cover for the film, Simply Raw. Features several silhouette people on a yellow, green, and blue background.

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