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Cover for the film, Plant Pure Nation. Features the Statue of Liberty holding vegetables.

Plant Pure Nation

2015 · Unrated · 1h 36m


PlantPure Nation tells the story of three people on a quest to spread the message of one of the most important health breakthroughs of all time. When nutritional scientist and author T. Colin Campbell inspires Kentucky State Representative Tom Riner to propose a pilot program documenting the health benefits of a plant-based diet, they inadvertently set in motion a series of events that expose powerful forces opposed to the diet. When industry lobbyists kill the pilot program, Dr. Campbell’s oldest son Nelson decides to try his own grassroots approach in his hometown of Mebane, North Carolina.

About the Filmmakers

PlantPure Nation was filmed across the USA and features Steve Forbes, Jr., Dr. T. Colin Campbell, Dr. Neal Barnard, and Dr. Michael Greger. The Production team includes Director Nelson Campbell and Producer John Corry & Writer Lee Fulkerson from the acclaimed documentary film Forks Over Knives.


PlantPure Nation presents a compelling case and offers a simple solution to pervasive health conditions such as heart disease, diabetes, and obesity. This film is part of a grassroots movement that will hopefully inspire people to make healthier, scientifically based decisions about how they fuel their bodies.” – Ira Isreal. “PlantPure Nation Film Review.” Huffington Post. 29 Jun 2015

“All in all, I thoroughly enjoyed and would enthusiastically recommend “PlantPure Nation” to everyone. In fact, it has been added to my arsenal of recommendations for learning about the benefits of a plant-based diet; I will now be recommending “Cowspiracy” to learn about veganism and the environment, “Vegucated” to learn about veganism and the animals (there are others of course, but this one is easier to take than some while still being effective), “Forks Over Knives” to learn about veganism and health, and “PlantPure Nation” to learn about veganism and politics. This is a bit of an over-simplification since these movies are broader in scope than this suggests, but it’s nice to have a broad range of movies with different emphases to recommend.” – Linda Arcuri. “PlantPure Nation.” Eat.Drink.Better. 8 Sept 2015

“You had me at the “Forks over Knives” documentary but this film was life changing and eye opening! The facts and proof of what a plant-based diet can do for your health are overwhelming. The power to take our health back and stop feeding the pharmaceuticals is right there in front of us. Thank you for making this movie and for doing good things for all of us humans and our beautiful planet and more importantly for challenging us to grow and learn and be a part of the solution.” – L. Veneri, Amazon

“Makes a strong and very clear message about choosing a whole food, plant-based diet for your health…This documentary clearly shows why the science of WFPB nutrition has been kept from the American public. It is Forks Over Knives continued..more of the story…the shocking why. I also found this documentary to be a beautiful and moving love story between the Campbell’s – shows the strength and love within the family as well as their commitment to the message regardless of what personal hardships that may create. This is a family of truth talkers, with great love and a solid commitment to integrity. A movie not to miss and one to share with all your loved ones and more.” – C. Wren, Amazon

“I personally follow a whole foods plant based diet so this movie caught mine and my husband’s attention since we love to watch documentaries about that particular lifestyle and to get more information. We really liked this movie and the information that we got. It was great to see the results that the members got who participated in the 10-day jumpstarts and it’s quite incredible that just diet changes alone can make such a significant change. We also found it quite interesting to see the legislation side to the story but were disappointed that the bill was not approved/passed. We hope to see more info coming out from PlantPure in our local community.” – C. Coff, Amazon


Cover for the film, Plant Pure Nation. Features the Statue of Liberty holding vegetables.

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