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Cover for the book Vegan Desserts. Features four pictures of various desserts.

Vegan Desserts: Sumptuous Sweets for Every Season

Author: Hannah Kaminsky · Subject: Cookbooks


Featuring more than one hundred simple but scrumptious recipes, Vegan Desserts offers alternatives to treats that are normally heavily laden with butter, eggs, and other animal products. With an emphasis on fresh fruits, vegetables, and herbs, this is a cookbook that any dessert lover will enjoy. Kaminsky insists that fresh, local produce—at the peak of ripeness—offers incomparable flavors that cannot be replicated with any amount of sugar, salt, or any baking extracts. As a result, her creative recipes will appeal to health-conscious bakers (all recipes are low in cholesterol and many feature natural sweeteners and whole grains), though even the sweetest sweet tooths among us will be more than satisfied by these tantalizing treats.

From luscious lemon mousse and roasted apricot ice cream to black velvet cupcakes and almond chocolate blossoms, readers will find exciting new desserts as well as 100 percent–vegan versions of old favorites. Clear, precise directions guide readers through every step, and a mouthwatering photo accompanies each recipe. Golden saffron pound cake, no-bake pumpkin crème brûlée, black pearl truffles, chai poached pears, apricot frangipane tart—this cookbook has something for every dessert lover.

About the Author

Hannah Kaminsky is the author of My Sweet Vegan and Vegan Desserts, and creator of the award-winning blog Bittersweet.


“The Martha Stewart of vegan baking! It’s beyond me why this author isn’t way more famous. I love Isa Chandra Moskowitz as much as anyone for savory dishes but often find her dessert recipe ratios off. Her toppings are a little liquidy, the cupcakes a little flat, the cakes a wee bit spongy. Baking requires a steely, exacting temperament and attention to food science and details. Hannah Kaminsky is the Martha Stewart style vegan baking has been waiting for. These are not simply veganized Betty Crocker recipes with margarine instead of butter. I think she put a lot of thought in to getting things just right. Instead of key lime pie there’s key lime coconut ice cream. Instead of red velvet cake loaded with food coloring there’s a dark purple black velvet cupcake with blackberries. All the recipes have a unique spin to them. If it matters to you there are tons of photographs and the book is beautifully designed.” – Opinion This, Amazon

“This book has some quick and easy recipes. Really like the information on what to substitute if you are vegan.” – Ahmeehta, Amazon

“First off, let me say that I’m not vegan (I’m vegetarian). However, I do have a number of friends who are and a number who are aspiring to be. With all the potlucks and get-togethers, it’s always a good idea to have an arsenal of vegan savory dishes and dairy-free desserts under one’s belt and this book did it for me! I’ve only tried out two recipes so far but both of them were pretty simple and easy. That’s saying something because I do love my desserts but prior to this book, I had found all of the vegan desserts I’ve attempted to tackle have been somewhat lacking… Needless to say, I was not rushing to try out vegan dessert recipes. For your reference, I tried out the Black Velvet Cupcakes first (wonderfully rich and moist) and then the Avocado Creme Pie (you can’t tell it’s vegan) and I have to say I’m in love. The book and photographs (each recipe comes with its own photo) are also wonderful to look at.” – Shirhin, Amazon


Cover for the book Vegan Desserts. Features four pictures of various desserts.

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