Vegan Vitality Overview

Vegan Vitality is a comprehensive active-living guide and cookbook for current and aspiring vegans interested in making regular physical activity a part of their lives. Karina Inkster motivates and inspires readers to increase the quality (and length!) of their lives by enjoying a whole-food, plant-based diet and engaging in regular exercise.

With healthy living advice for everyone from beginners to amateur athletes, as well as a well-rounded collection of one hundred mouthwatering recipes specifically created to fuel active living, this book sets itself apart from existing titles by bridging the gap between diet and fitness, approaching health holistically and as a long-term lifestyle.

Also included are interviews with vegan athletes and fitness professionals, each providing their own recipes, top-secret tips, and habits for healthy, active plant-based living.


About the Author

Karina Inkster, MA, PTS, is a certified personal trainer with a master’s degree in gerontology, specializing in health and aging. As a nine-year vegan and fourteen-year vegetarian, she specializes in vegan and vegetarian clients who range in age from sixteen to ninety-three.

As the owner of Ki Health & Fitness in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada, she offers personal training, nutrition counseling, online fitness coaching, consulting, and health seminars and workshops. Karina has been weightlifting, swim racing, running, cycling, and power yoga-ing her way to fitness since 2003.


Editorial Reviews

“Although the title Vegan Vitality may seem less descriptive, making the book seem like it is only for a niche audience, its content is actually quite comprehensive. It is a healthy living guide for anyone wanting to eat more plant-based foods and is filled with delicious recipes and workout advice including interviews with vegan professional athletes. In short, Karina seeks to fill in the gap between being active and eating right, with the holistic approach to health being her inspiration and her guide.” – Gurdeep Pandher. Huffington Post. Karina Inkster’s Vast World of Vegan Vitality. 6 Dec 2017.

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