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A cover for the book, Baconish. Features a grey background with an iron skillet in the middle with three vegan bacon strips inside.

Baconish: Sultry and Smoky Plant-Based Recipes

Author: Leinana Two Moons · Subject: Cookbooks


Everything tastes better with bacon. Now you can enjoy that salty, smoky, crispy yum made with healthy plant-based ingredients. It’s all in the seasonings, and these easy-to-make recipes loaded with decadently delicious bacony flavor. Not only that, but these tasty plant-based bacon are low in fat and cholesterol-free.

Discover Leinana’s basic bacon recipes, made with a variety of plant-based ingredients, and use them to make your favorite dishes that traditionally call for bacon. With your plant-based bacon, you can make everything from Quiche Lorraine and a Bacon and Butternut Galette to BLTs, Bacon Cheeseburgers, and more!

Baconish includes:

  • Bacon Apple Fritters
  • Bacon-Stuffed French Toast
  • Risotto with Peas and Mushroom Bacon
  • Pasta Carbonara

These recipes are easy to make, using readily available ingredients, and versatile, too, allowing readers to use the various bacon interchangeably, whenever that salty, smoky, crispy craving strikes. The book also includes gorgeous photography by Anthony Two Moons, helpful hints, and much more.

About the Author

Leinana Two Moons is a skilled vegan cook and creator of the Vegan Good Things blog. A longtime vegan, she is dedicated to developing satisfying recipes that will please everyone from vegans to omnivores. She lives in Brooklyn, NY with her husband and two children, who are all vegan.


“Leinana Two Moons’ debut cookbook Baconish is a sinless celebration of all the many animal-free ways you can enjoy bacon—and then some. Not only has she crafted ten separate recipes for vegan bacon, utilizing everything from tofu to seitan to eggplant to carrots, but she also includes pig-free variations on things like pulled pork and pineapple-glazed ham. If that weren’t enough, she then goes on to offer a full, honest-to-goodness cookbook’s worth of recipes featuring all the different varieties of vegan bacon, from breakfast straight on through to dessert.” – Britt. “Baconish by Leinana Two Moons: Book Review + Giveaway.” Leaves of Kale. 5 May 2016

“One of the things that I love about this book (besides the recipes), is that a lot of the recipes are gluten-free or can be easily made that way. Especially since that is the way I have to swing (thank you so much gluten-intolerance!). Other than the seitan bacon, the other bacon recipes appear to be gluten-free. So in the recipes, you can easily swap the seitan bacon out for a GF one, or use gluten-free bread, flour or pasta or pizza crust. You get the idea. But if you’re not gluten-free, there are lots for you too. Hello Bacon Cinnamon RollsPierogi, Apple Fritters and Elvis Cupcakes!” – Julie Hasson. “Why You Need More (Vegan) Bacon In Your Life!” Julie’s Kitchenette. 20 May 2016

“I hope you buy this cookbook. In fact, I hope every vegan and vegetarian buys two copies of this book, one to keep and one to give to someone who thinks they could never be vegan/veg because of bacon. Now they can.” – Kris Giovanini. Review: Baconish + Recipe for Quiche Lorraine.” Vegans Eat What. 18 May 2016

“[Baconish] is filled with all the good things about bacon (salty, sweet, smoky, crispy) but without any of the bad things (saturated fats, cholesterol, animal cruelty & murder). If you love the taste of bacon, this book is a must! With the easy to follow recipes, delicious plant-based bacon is only minutes away. The next time someone says to a vegan, “mmm, bacon,” they should reply, Baconish!” – M. Suchman, Amazon


A cover for the book, Baconish. Features a grey background with an iron skillet in the middle with three vegan bacon strips inside.

Get More Vegan Bacon

Living vegan doesn’t mean you have to give up the taste-tingling bacon flavor you love; there are tons of plant-based alternatives. Pick from convenient, premade choices found at your local grocery store, to choose the homemade versions made by home chefs. Before you head to the store, check out this shopping guide and more than 50 recipes in the Vegan Bacon guide for inspiration.

Because bacon doesn’t have to, and shouldn’t, come from an animal.

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