Beautifully Real Food: Guilt-Free, Meat-Free Recipes to Indulge In Overview

Many of us, for various reasons, are trying to reduce the amount of meat and dairy in our diets but are reluctant to let go of our favorite foods. When chef Sam Murphy decided to change her lifestyle, initially losing weight and having a more balanced diet, she assumed that her days of eating pizzas, burgers, and brownies were over.

But after experimenting in the kitchen, Sam realized that she could still eat all of those irresistibly indulgent dishes while looking after herself and the world around her. Bringing all of Sam’s best recipes together, this incredible collection includes delicious, healthy options for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, as well as sides, salads, sauces, smoothies, and desserts.

Beautifully Real Food features Sam’s recipes for Spaghetti Carbonara Chickpea Chilli Cheese Toasties Loaded Vegan Hot Dogs Salted Caramel Brownies Cookie Dough Cereal The Vegan Big Mac And many, many more.

Whether you’re looking to go without meat or dairy every day, every week, or just once a month, or if you wish to indulge in guilty food without the guilt, Beautifully Real Food is the perfect guide to making meals you can enjoy.

About the Author

Sam Murphy is the author if Beautifully Real Food.

Editorial Reviews

“It needs to be said that the photographs are stunning. The food is styled to professional Instagram-level beauty, yet still seems achievable. The joy of food flows through every page and every tip Murphy gives and each story she shares about these recipes. This book is a true joy to read. As a vegan, it can be difficult to show others that plant-based eating is something other than chewing on celery sticks, but the decadent recipes in this cookbook gave me hope.” – Tearaway Magazine. “In Review: Beautifully Real Food.” 8 May 2017

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