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Cover of the book, East Meets Vegan. Features seven different colorful plant-based meals sitting on a blue table.

East Meets Vegan: The Best of Asian Home Cooking, Plant-Based and Delicious

Author: Sasha Gill · Subject: Cookbooks


East Meets Vegan is a vibrant tour of Asia in 90 vegan recipes!

When Sasha Gill went vegan, she wasn’t about to leave her family’s home-cooked favorites behind. Pad thai without fish sauce? Curry without ghee? In East Meets Vegan, Sasha proves that Asian cooking can be plant-based—as well as easy, affordable, and delicious!

Here are veganized favorites: Spring rolls, red bean pancakes, shiitake ramen, mango lassis
Can’t-believe-it’s-vegan twists: Tandoori cauliflower “wings,” pineapple fried rice, jackfruit biryani, “butter chicken,” a sushi feast to feed a crowd
Mix-and-match pairings: Combine leftovers for your own take on Asian fusion.

Bursting with more than 100 sumptuous photographs, this is your passport to a culinary adventure—from the comfort of your kitchen.

About the Author

Sasha Gill is a vegan food blogger and medical student at Oxford University. Of Indian and Eurasian heritage, she grew up in Singapore and champions a vegan lifestyle for everyone.


“[Gill’s] embrace of this lifestyle is wholehearted—and she demonstrates her love of Indian, Thai, Malaysian, Chinese, and Japanese cuisines through an enthusiastic narrative and details that cover even the most basic of questions. . . . The vegan substitutes are amazingly creative and true to the original. . . . An innovative appendix guides home chefs to mix and match leftovers like bean paste or bao dough. A prescription for great taste.”—Booklist starred review

“A wonderful cookbook for all those seeking the bright flavors of Asian cuisine without the animal products.”—Sahara Rose Ketabi, author of Eat Feel Fresh

“I’m deeply impressed by the depth of Sasha’s recipes . . . She brings authentic flavor and culinary soul from across Asia into our kitchens.”—Maggie Zhu, founder of Omnivore’s Cookbook

YDV Review

“…it’s a beautiful book. The photos are vibrant and enticing, and I’m particularly fond of the use of color pages throughout the book. This cookbook is one of those cookbooks that you can sit down and pass some delightful time reading. In the introduction, you’ll get to know the author and learn about her journey towards veganism. Covering the best of Asian cooking, you’ll learn about each new cuisine in a brief introduction at the beginning of each section.

Next, as for more practical matters, the book is broke out into the following sections:

  • Introduction
  • Recipe Notes
  • Pantry Essentials
  • Equipment
  • Basic recipes and techniques
  • Recipes
  • India
  • Thailand
  • Singapore & Malaysia
  • China
  • Japan
  • Mix-and-Match Leftovers

As an aside; whoever designed the layout of this book deserves a pat on the back. The recipe pages are in a clean, easy-to-read format. The color contrast between the font and the pages is perfect. And even though the font throughout the book is a bit small for those of us with poor vision, it’s clean and pleasant to view.”

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Cover of the book, East Meets Vegan. Features seven different colorful plant-based meals sitting on a blue table.

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