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Cover for the book Easy Vegan Breakfasts & Lunches. Featuring a closeup of a vegetable burger and condiments in the background.

Easy Vegan Breakfasts & Lunches: The Best Way to Eat Plant-Based Meals On the Go

Author: Maya Sozer · Subject: Cookbooks


If you’re looking for new ways to eat healthy with a busy schedule, Easy Vegan Breakfasts & Lunches proves it’s easier than you think.

Maya Sozer presents 80 plant-based recipes to help you save time and money by preparing your breakfasts, lunches and mid-day snacks. They’re even better than pre-made café or packaged options, and surprisingly comfortable.

When you only have a few minutes to spare, whip up Quinoa Porridge for breakfast or a delightful Sushi Bowl or Broccoli Waldorf Salad for lunch. When you’re headed out the door and need your meal to-go, you’ll love the Vanilla Sky Apple Pie Smoothie and a slice of fresh Banana Bread. Sprouted Green Lentil Patties for lunch are portable and keep you energized for hours. With just a little time to prep ingredients the night or weekend before, you can have gourmet-tasting meals all week long and healthy snacks for those afternoon pick-me-ups.

Maya draws on her diverse background and Mediterranean roots to bring you amazing flavors and approachable techniques, plus a dazzling photograph for every recipe. With Easy Vegan Breakfasts and Lunches, you can enjoy fresh, satisfying and delicious meals even during the busiest times of the day.

About the Author

Maya Sozer is the culinary creative and photographer behind the popular vegan food blog Dreamy Leaf. She and her family live in Charlotte, North Carolina.


Easy Vegan Breakfasts & Lunches proves that healthful and beautiful food doesn’t have to be complicated or time-consuming. This is a must-have for busy vegans and non-vegans alike!” – Gena Hamshaw, author of Choosing Raw and Food52 Vegan

“Maya’s creativity and ability to combine flavors in unexpected ways is what makes this book stand out.” ― Julie Resnick, co-founder of feedfeed

“Maya’s recipes never fail to impress. I’d recommend this book to anyone with a passion for delicious, healthy food, whether you’re vegan or not.” ― Kim-Julie Hansen, author of Brussels Vegan and founder of Best of Vegan

“I love how Maya’s healthy and nutritious recipes are always delicious and so accessible to everyone. You don’t need to be following a plant-based diet to love her nourishing food.” ― Niki Webster, founder of Rebel Recipes


Cover for the book Easy Vegan Breakfasts & Lunches. Featuring a closeup of a vegetable burger and condiments in the background.

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