Heavenly Vegan Dals & Curries: Exciting New Dishes From an Indian Girl’s Kitchen Abroad Cookbook Overview

Rakhee Yadav, born and raised in India, simplifies and reimagines the traditional plant-based recipes of her childhood to create incredible meals the whole family will love. Each recipe in Heavenly Vegan Dals & Curries is bursting with the robust authentic flavor of Indian cooking and packed with nutrient-rich ingredients to yield satisfying, healthy dinners that are easy to make.

The layered flavors of dals and curries make them versatile foods perfectly suited to becoming delicious, inexpensive meals with minimal effort.

You’ll enjoy recipes like:

  • Sweet Chili Coconut Pineapple Curry
  • Garam Masala Brussels Sprouts
  • Navy Beans Curry with Applesauce
  • Spicy Sweet Potato Curry
  • Zucchini Fries

and much more.

These recipes are easily customized to your tastes as you can often substitute the vegetables in the recipes for the ones you have on hand.

With this cookbook, you’ll be able to whip up wholesome vegan dinners that can come together in 30 minutes as well as slow food suppers fit for Sunday night.

About the Author

Rakhee Yadav is the creator of Box of Spice. Her recipes have been featured in The Kitchn, Feedfeed, Thrive magazine and Good Housekeeping India. She lives in Rotterdam, The Netherlands.

Editorial Reviews

“No other author has captured curries and dal in such a beautiful way before. This is the only plant-based curry book you will ever need.” ― Nina Olsson, bestselling author of Bowls of Goodness

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