Leon Fast Vegan Cookbook Overview

From the home of healthy fast food, Leon Fast Vegan is all about delicious food, which just happens to be vegan. 

Leon Fast Vegan contains more than 150 recipes. Divided into three sections, it kicks off with The Main Event, with easy recipes for everything from breakfast and brunch to sharing plates, via quick suppers and slow-cooked one-pot dishes. Part two, On the Side, features sauces, dressings, nourishing side dishes, and scrumptious bread, and part three, Sweet, gives vegan options for desserts and cakes. 

As ever, healthy fast-food chain Leon takes inspiration from around the world, with recipes for vegan sushi, Mexican tacos, Vietnamese pancakes, and American burgers. The emphasis throughout is on great flavor and keeping things simple.

About the Authors

Rebecca Seal has written about food and drink for the Financial Times, Evening Standard, the Observer, the Guardian, Red, and The Sunday Times. Her cookbooks include Istanbul: Recipes from the heart of Turkey and Lisbon: Recipes from the heart of Portugal, as well as Leon Happy Soups and Leon Happy One-pot, both of which she co-authored with John Vincent.

Chantal Symons has worked as a personal chef, caterer, restaurateur, and food product development. She is also a champion barbecuer, and has won several competitions including Jamie Oliver’s ‘Big Feastival.’

Editorial Reviews

“Vincent, cofounder of the U.K. restaurant chain Leon—along with food writer Seal and restaurateur Symons—tackle vegan cooking in this robust, whimsical volume. The authors feature a host of dishes that have been “veganized” from around the world. . .Most impressive, however, is the authors’ flare for reinvigorating traditional vegan dishes: a roux of vegan butter, flour, turmeric, and other spices, for example, makes for a creamy base for their scrambled tofu. With 200 recipes—and brimming with retro illustrations—this well-designed work will get readers excited to cook vegan.” – Publishers Weekly. “Leon Fast Vegan.” 13 February 2019

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