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Cover for the book Roberto's New Vegan Cooking. Features a picture of the author, a man, shopping for carrots at a farmers market.

Roberto’s New Vegan Cooking

Author: Roberto Martin · Subject: Cookbooks


Do you suffer through the same old salads because you want to eat more veggies? Are you trying to use less processed junk when you cook but find yourself thinking, “I don’t have time for that”? If you’re hungry for good food and a good time in the kitchen, chef Roberto Martin has the answers in his book, Roberto’s New Vegan Cooking – and he’s here to demonstrate that cooking delicious meals with whole foods doesn’t have to take a whole day.

When he was personal chef to Ellen DeGeneres and Portia de Rossi, Roberto created basic meals that turned their favorite meaty dishes into tasty vegan feasts. Roberto’s cooking continues to evolve, using fewer faux meats and more healthful, plant-based ingredients. Not only does he make seriously amazing food for others, he has a hungry family at home—so whether he’s whipping up a Sunday brunch, after-school snacks, or a cozy dinner for two, the food’s got to be easy, satisfying, and delicious.

Based on both Roberto’s Mexican-American family favorites (check out the recipes for albondigas soup and jackfruit tacos) and his classical French culinary training (cassoulet? Every day), these new recipes use simple basics (think beans, beets, and avocado) while also introducing less common but easy-to-use ingredients (celeriac? It has an amazing meaty texture).

With tips for outfitting your kitchen and techniques to save you time, as well as a chapter devoted to homemade staples that will truly make your cooking life easier and tastier, with Roberto’s New Vegan Cooking you’ll be able to make fresh, healthy meals in a snap—big flavors, no fussin’.

About the Author

Roberto Martin is the author of Vegan Cooking for Carnivores and the former personal chef to celebrities including Ellen Degeneres and Portia de Rossi. He began his culinary career in college when he fell in love with cooking while working in a restaurant. After attending the Culinary Institute of America, he became a personal chef focusing on nutrition and health.


“I just got the book and I’ve made three recipes out of it so far. All excellent. Grilled Vegetable Lasagna is my early fav. But I’ve read it cover to cover and marked about ten recipes for the coming shopping cycle and can’t wait to make them, and then make them my own. My very first vegan cookbook was Chef Roberto’s Vegan Cooking for Carnivores. It got me started. It taught me basic vegan techniques (like how to properly prepare tofu for cooking). But I’ve been vegan nearly three years now and no longer need to rely so heavily on prepared meat substitutes. Right on time, he releases this new cookbook which is focused more on whole foods. He also has thrown in some really good explanation of technique. The recipes range from the average beginner level up to some moderately challenging for more experienced cooks. There are recipes from cuisine around the globe so I would definitely turn to this book when I have guests in mind. I wouldn’t suggest this book as one’s very first introduction into cooking. But if you have basic techniques, feel comfortable following a recipe, etc., then this is for you. And because it doesn’t have a lot of recipes that require a meat substitute, I think it is possibly even better for finding recipes to please an average omnivore.” – Cogan, Amazon

“Another great vegan cookbook from Roberto! The Wild Mushroom Soup is just fabulous and I’m looking forward to making it again this week so that I can prepare the Grilled Veg Lasagne with Wild Mushroom Sauce. The Eggplant Parm was delicious. If you have time to fuss a bit I highly recommend Braised Daikon Scallops with Sugar Snap Peas & Shiitake. I had to do a bit of substituting to use up what I had on hand for this recipe. I used crimini mushrooms and a mixture of Chard, Mizuni and Pak Choi for the vegetables. The sauce for the daikon, made from sake, soy, mirin, miso and a few other ingredients, was just heavenly. I’m looking forward to making the Beefless Bourguignon for company tomorrow. Mexican Meatball Soup, Sticky Date Muffins with Butterscotch Sauce and numerous others are on my “Make Soon” list. Get this cookbook!” – Amazon Customer

“Roberto makes me look like a cooking genius by following his simple,yummy recipes. I have both of his books and both are great. Glad I purchased this.” – Melanie Hull, Amazon

“Delicious easy recipes. Perfect book for tasty vegan cooking. Love it.” – Pamela Glayzer, Amazon


Cover for the book Roberto's New Vegan Cooking. Features a picture of the author, a man, shopping for carrots at a farmers market.

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