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A Southern Girl’s Guide to Plant-Based Eating

Author: Cametria Hill · Subject: Cookbooks


Discover how to put Southern soul into plant-based cooking!

A Southern Girl’s Guide to Plant-Based Eating: Recipes from The Vegan Soul That Won’t Make You Broke will help guide your transition to plant-based eating and vegan living through dozens of Southern-infused recipes to satisfy your soul.

You’ll find cooking tips, the low down on food alternatives, a jumpstart week of meals for those new to plant-based eating, recipes for kitchen aces, tips for eating out, and much, much more.

Recipes include veganized versions of Southern-inspired dishes, such as:

  • Buttermylk Biscuits and Black Pepper Mushroom Gravy
  • Mickey D’s Style Tempeh Sausage Biscuit Sandwich with Plum Jam
  • Breakfast Tostada with Smoky Mango Salsa
  • Louisiana-Style Cornmeal-Encrusted Tofu Fish Fry
  • Fiya Fiya CamBalaya
  • Blackened Shiitake “Shrimp”
  • Carrie B’s Cornbread Dressing
  • Palm Po’ Boy with Creamy Cocktail Sauce
  • Gluten-Free Sweet Potato Pie
  • Banana Nut Hush Puppies

…and dozens more breakfasts, lunch, dinners, snacks, sides, and desserts! If you want to learn how to cook like grandma & ‘nem vegan style, then Cametria’s got your back!

About the Author

Cametria Hill is a personal chef, caterer, food blogger, freelance journalist, multi-media artist and content creator. Now residing in Los Angeles after spending the last 14 years in Brooklyn, she has honed her cooking chops in some of the most renowned vegan companies and food festivals in NYC.

Growing up in Houston, Texas surrounded by what she describes as the four best food types on Earth: Mexican, Soul Food, BBQ, and Cajun, she takes all that lineage and transforms them into a plant-based Southern innovation. Find more at her website


“Enticed by how personable and delicious this reads. A very timely publication with so many black folk exploring veganism these days, discovering down-home cooking can apply to vegan eats too.” – Demetrius Bagley, producer of Vegucated and Vegan Mashup

“I had the pleasure of getting early access to this book, and it is certainly a timely and fantastic resource to have. Cametria’s step-by-step guidance through Southern-style vegan cooking is easy to follow, approachable, and inspiring for those new to plant-based eating, as well as long term vegans. The dozens of recipes are delicious and accessible. It’s not just a cooking book either. It’s an all-in-one support system that shows Southern home-style vegan cooking and living are definitely possible.” – Julia Feliz Bruek, Author, Illustrator, and Research Scientist

“Cam’s book is great! The recipes are easy to follow and cost effective. Most of all the food comes out delicious! Great for people making the transition or to rejuvenate a veteran vegans pallet. No matter who you are this is a great addition to your kitchen! Summer is coming and there are great recipes to impress all your friends at the BBQs and parties!” – Marina Benedetto, Amazon


A Southern Girl's Guide to Plant-Based Eating - Vegan Books - Your Daily Vegan

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