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A cover for the book Vegan Bowls. Features a colorful bowl of rice and vegetables sitting on a white background.

Vegan Bowls

Author: Zsu Dever · Subject: Cookbooks


Vegan Bowl features recipes that can be made in 30 minutes or less. You’ll enjoy satisfying bowls of soup and salad bowls, such as Vietnamese Seitan Pho, Rhode Isoland Chowder, Sizzling Southwest Fajita Salad, and Tapenade Panzanella. The book also features enticing breakfast bowls and international specialties, such as Chickpea Brasoi, Lentil Picadillo, and Jerk Tofu over Coconut Rice. Fun to make and serve, the more than 100 main dish bowls include:

  • Summer Orzotto Bowl
  • Mushroom Carbonara
  • Vegan Gyros Bowl
  • Sofrito Crusted Tempeh Bowl
  • Korean Bean Bulgogi
  • Grilled Potato Salad Bowl

All the components for these one-bowl meals have been matched perfectly for a truly great eating experience. The recipes sound like they’re from an upscale restaurant, but they are simple to prepare and use familiar ingredients. Best of all, every savory recipe is a complete meal all contained in a single cozy bowl: protein, starch, vegetables and flavors, flavors, flavors! Also includes full-color photos, cooking tips, tricks, and a resources list.

About the Author

Zsu Dever has been in the restaurant and catering business for thirty years and hails from a long line of culinary professionals and restaurateurs. The author of Everyday Vegan Eats, she is the publisher of the award-winning Zsu’s Vegan Pantry blog and is active on social media as well as being a food photographer. She has also taught cooking workshops where she has successfully helped teens and adults enhance their vegan cooking repertoire.


“I just love the bowl concept, and the book itself is lovely. I’m really happy to see publishers investing in bigger color budgets for vegan cookbooks. There are plenty of pretty pictures – if you randomly open the book, and you don’t see a photo, there will be one on the next page (I tested this statement extensively!). I’m happy with the index too. It lists recipes by name but also by most ingredients. The author wrote in her blog that she was aiming for 30-minute recipes, and while a few of the things I made took more like 40-45, i made most of them in around a half hour, and I think I could get the time down if I made something a couple of times. Similar to my experience with other “quick-fix” books, really. While there are a few international ingredients for some recipes, most ingredients are available in any grocery store. The book ends with a neat table on how to mix and match recipe components for even more combinations of Asian-, European-, and Latin-inspired bowls. But there are lots of recipes I want to make so it will be a while before I make use of this. So far, I’ve tried 20 recipes and loved 19 of them.” – Lea M., Amazon

“The recipes I’ve made all have great flavor. The sweet and spicy eggplant & zucchini and pesto pasta are five stars; could not be any better and are fairly easy to make. The salads have great flavor and are well balanced, but somewhat dry in my opinion. The one main criticism is that the recipes can be a bit longer than half an hour – most require quite a bit of prep – and tend to use every pot and pan in the kitchen – along with the blender/processor. So they take a bit to make and then require a lot of cleanup. But all in all, these are great recipes with a lot of flavor, using regular grocery ingredients, that don’t have gratuitous amounts of oil (like some other vegan cookbooks).” – SG, Amazon


A cover for the book Vegan Bowls. Features a colorful bowl of rice and vegetables sitting on a white background.

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