The Asian Vegan Kitchen Overview

The Asian Vegan Kitchen is a collection of recipes from across Asia, featuring the spices and the many tasty ingredients that have made these cuisines popular world-wide. It caters to the growing segment of people of all ages who have chosen to eschew animal products, yet still, want to add some global spice and excitement to their diet.

There is one big difference between The Asian Vegan Kitchen and many other vegan cookbooks.

These dishes do not use replacement ingredients for traditional recipes. Instead, author Hema Parekh has selected recipes that were traditionally vegetarian, and have been enjoyed by diners for decades, even centuries. In doing so, she has had to make only minor changes, if any, for these recipes to be deliciously appealing to everyone.

Over 200 dishes have been selected to cover a wide variety of tastes.

Here readers will find vegan-ready recipes for everything from Japan’s sushi to northern Indian curries, from Vietnamese spring rolls to red-hot tofu, Chinese-style. Soups, noodle dishes, and some desserts are also included.

The recipes are simple, with detailed explanations. Also included are over 50 mouth-watering photos and a comprehensive glossary.

About the Author

Hema Parekh has been teaching vegetarian cooking in Tokyo for almost twenty years. She has written two popular books on vegetarian cooking in Japanese: A Touch of Spice and Indian Vegetarian Cooking.

Editorial Reviews

“Because tofu and other vegan mainstays are part of their larders, and since they tend to be dairy-free by design, Asian cuisines lend themselves naturally to vegan cooking, and this handy cookbook does a beautiful job compiling attractive, tasty, and uncomplicated vegan recipes from India to China and beyond.” – Publishers Weekly. Nonfiction Book Review: The Asian Vegan Kitchen.

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