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Cover for the book The Indian Vegan Kitchen. Features an up close picture of a bowl of chickpeas and greens.

The Indian Vegan Kitchen: More Than 150 Quick and Healthy Homestyle Recipes

Author: Madhu Gadia · Subject: Cookbooks


The Indian Vegan Kitchen is perfect for vegans looking for fresh ideas, as well as anyone who savors healthy, light recipes that don’t compromise on authenticity.

The author of New Indian Home Cooking presents a fresh take on Indian recipes for vegans, vegetarians, and anyone who loves Southeast Asian cuisine. Unlike most Indian vegetarian cookbooks, this unique collection avoids dairy and eggs, highlighting vegetables, and making use of soy products and other simple substitutions. It also offers nutritional analyses, as well as notes on serving, history, and variations.

About the Author

Born in India, Madhu Gadia is a registered dietitian and a certified diabetes educator. She received her Master of Science in Foods and Nutrition from the University of Illinois. She lives in Ames, Iowa, where she works as a clinical dietitian at an outpatient clinic. Madhu also teaches the art of Indian cooking and has appeared on local television, as well as local and national radio.


“Since I have Type 2 diabetes and have successfully reversed it by switching first to a low-fat vegetarian diet, and then to a low-fat vegan diet (with even better results), I was thrilled to find a vegan cookbook which highlights my absolute favorite cuisine, the cuisine of India. As I began to read, learn, and cook from the Indian Vegan Kitchen, I realized that I had finally found someone who could explain Indian cooking techniques, ingredients, and recipes in a way that made sense to me as an American. It is clear to me that Madhu Gadia understands the kind of necessary background information and instructions that an ordinary American like me needs in order to transform her own kitchen into a palace of Indian delights. I have made quite a few recipes from the Indian Vegan Kitchen, all with their own distinctive flavors, and all successfully delicious! So far I have made a Kidney Bean dish, Carrots and Turnips, Black-eyed Peas and Potatoes, Zucchini, and Black Gram and Bengal Gram Dahl. I follow her recipes exactly, but have adjusted the ingredients to meet my health needs. Namely, I have reduced the amount of oil and salt. I also reduced the amount of cayenne pepper, since we like spicy, but not really hot food. That said, the recipes themselves have resulted in some very healthy and enjoyable eating at my house, and I can’t wait to try the rest of the recipes in this cookbook. Madhu Gadia has included very helpful information on Indian spices, as well as the dals (beans and pulses) used in Indian cooking. She explains the basic techniques of Indian cooking, too. AND she has a website, […], from which she is able to answer any questions you might have about her recipes or about Indian cooking. Before this cookbook, my husband and I were dependent on Indian restaurants for good Indian cuisine, but now my own house smells as fragrant and enticing as an Indian restaurant! But I enjoy it even more than a restaurant, because I know that all the recipes are vegan. I have already recommended this cookbook to many of my friends, and would recommend it to anyone who loves Indian cooking. I look forward to trying her New Indian Home Cooking cookbook as well. Thank you, Madhia! This is a dream come true for me.” – JoAnne Zoller Wagner, Amazon

“I have always been on the fence about Indian food – sometimes I like it, sometimes I don’t. But I do love how vegetarian-friendly the cuisine is, so I was thrilled to see an all vegan cookbook. I bought it to try to discover new ways to cook staples of mine (like lentils, cauliflower and other veggies) and I certainly did! I’ve been cooking soups in a new and much tastier way thanks to this book – simmering the beans and sautéing the seasonings and vegetables in a separate pan, then stirring it in once the beans/lentils are done cooking. It’s simple but revolutionary, and has brought a lot more flavor into my cooking. Also, the recipes are so straightforward and simple that I’ve had no problems substituting a lot of ingredients. I didn’t buy all of the traditional spices she says to use, but the results were delicious with whatever I had on hand to throw in. The flatbreads are also great! I am not much of a baker and the onion flatbread is so easy and delicious! A must-have for anyone wanting to expand their cooking repertoire and discover delicious new and very healthy flavors.” – Kristin Hope, Amazon


Cover for the book The Indian Vegan Kitchen. Features an up close picture of a bowl of chickpeas and greens.

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