Chickpea Runs Away Overview

Chickpea Runs Away is the story of Chickpea the cow lives in an overcrowded barn on a large farm. She watches as her friends and family are taken away to an uncertain fate. One day, the farmer leads Chickpea and all the rest of the cows outdoors to a scary-looking truck, and Chickpea knows she shouldn’t go.

Making a split-second decision, she leaps the fence and escapes into the woods.

For the first time ever, Chickpea discovers the world outside the farm and, thanks to some delicious vegan pie, makes new friends who welcome her with loving hearts.

Chickpea’s story is inspired by many real-life cases of runaway cows.

About the Author

Sarat Colling is an author and activist who writes about animal resistance. Her master’s degree in sociology focused on the lives of farmed animals who escape captivity.

She has published several books and articles about animals and social justice, including Chickpea Runs Away her first children’s book. As a longtime vegan, she values the lives and voices of all animals who, just like Chickpea, have a story to tell. Sarat lives on Hornby Island, BC.

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