Book Overview

Kiss Or Cook? is the first in a series of children’s books that advocate for all animals and instill compassion through living peacefully.

This volume helps youth distinguish between food and friends using vibrant illustrations and engaging text. Discouraging speciesism by making the connection between common pets and animals used for “food.” This book is a starter into fundamental animal rights education.

The animal pages encourage counting exercises and the food pages encourage color identification. Bonus! A doughnut recipe and coloring page inside every book.

About the Author

LuLu was born in Baghdad and immigrated to Canada in 1995. LuLu is a young single mother of 2 boys and spends a great amount of time reading with them. She combined her strong background in art and childcare along with her love for veganism to create a series of vegan children’s books.

Editorial Reviews

Kiss or Cook? ends with thoughtful quotes, a recipe, a coloring page, and information about how to learn more about the animals selected for the book. These last few pages provide a place to allow for more interaction and can be appealing to older readers. With gorgeous artwork and a clear theme, Kiss or Cook? is a book that you can be sure will be enjoyed by toddlers and young kids alike. It is a book I look forward to reading again and again to little ones in my life, even though some of the drawings are so cute they make my eyes hurt (in a good way!).” – Amanda Lily, Tofu Magazine. “Review: Kiss or Cook? by Lulu Lotus.” 2 Feb 2019

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