Dave Loves Chickens Overview

Dave Loves Chickens is the first in a series of books for young children examining the unique characteristics of animals and questioning why people eat them.

The main character of the book, Dave, is a quirky monster from another planet who knows all sorts of fun and interesting facts about animals. Dave simply loves animals on Earth and encourages others to appreciate them and not eat them!

This fun, lighthearted book, full of bold colors and friendly illustrations, is ideal for parents who would like to introduce their children to a more compassionate way of treating animals.

About the Author

A graphic designer by trade and an illustrator by heart, Carlos Patiño has always had an interest in children’s books. His veganism inspires his creative work.

Editorial Reviews

“Dave is incredulous that on Earth, chickens are eaten. Although there is a silly, playful tone as he delineates the many reasons that chickens are too neat to eat, the underlying message is very thought-provoking (yet appropriate) for kids. For those not currently eating meat, this little gem will buttress that decision. For kids thinking about a veg lifestyle, the perspective of an alien monster is a great vehicle for reframing the way that children are socially instructed about chickens. With bold graphics, bright colors, and a positive message about caring for all life on our planet, Dave Loves Chickens is a great find. Featuring a lovable alien monster and clever rhymes about chickens, this book will resonate with young veggie and veggie-curious kids and their adults, whether or not they are gold-hearted chicken aficionados (though we think by the end of this story, they will be).” – Jennifer Gannett. VegBooks. Dave Loves Chickens. 8 December 2013

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