The Misadventures of Count Percival Overview

Canadian author and illustrator, Jadzia Cypress, has a passion admirable enough to make even the fiercest cynics bow down on their knees; She is passionate about creating a better future for humanity by fostering a new understanding of just what it means to live sustainably.

Jadzia’s first step toward this goal was to move to a small farm in rural Ontario, an experience so tumultuous that it has inspired her to share her story, and her wider vision, through a side-splitting new book of fiction perfect for little readers.

The Misadventures of Count Percival is based on the author’s own trials and tribulations in coming to terms with more sustainable living.  

Although it may be the most important decision anyone will ever make in their life… nobody said it would be easy!

About the Author

Jadzia Cypress is a writer, artist, linguist, educator, and sustainable living proponent. She is trilingual. She loves people, animals, and is an avid gardener. Originally a native Torontonian, she has lived in southern Ontario, the eastern coast of the United States, and Germany. Jadzia is a fervent believer in sustainable living and is currently working on a project to found a sustainable community on her acreage.

Phelan, co-writer of the original version of the stories, which lead to this book, was born in Peterborough and spent several years growing up on a small farm in southwestern Ontario. He has worked in construction and mechanics and wants one day to try his hand at smithing. Phelan is also working on a novel series entitled Power’s Curse.

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