Tommy Two Toes Overview

Tommy Two-Toes: Teaches The Jungle About Being Vegetarian is a rhyming, fun book about a vegetarian two-toed sloth living in the jungle among meat-eaters.

Tommy comes across his various jungle friends who are having issues with their particular diets. Tommy points out the effects of eating other animals in loving, non-judgmental ways to his friends, showing them “you are what you eat.”

He then suggests they try his “greens” instead.

In the end, the whole jungle is invited to a huge party high up in the trees, where Tommy and his best friend Panda share a song they wrote.

The last page of the book has the lyrics and chords for the wonderful sing-along song about eating your greens! Its catchy tune is sure to have readers eating their greens and singing along in no time. 

A percentage of the proceeds from this book will be donated to an animal rescue charity.

About the Authors

Darci and Dayton Mason are the authors of Tommy Two-Toes: Teaches The Jungle About Being Vegetarian.

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