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A cover for the book Steven the Vegan showing a young boy and farm animals.

Steven the Vegan

Author: Dan Bodenstein · Subject: Children’s


In his introduction, Peter Singer writes: “This book is about the tyranny of human over non-human animals. This tyranny has caused and today is still causing an amount of pain and suffering that can only be compared with that which resulted from centuries of tyranny by white humans over black humans.”

Since its original publication in 1975, this groundbreaking work has awakened millions of concerned men and women to the shocking abuse of animals everywhere — inspiring a worldwide movement to eliminate much of the cruel and unnecessary laboratory animal experimentation of years past.

An important and persuasive appeal to conscience, fairness, decency, and justice, Animal Liberation is essential reading for the supporter and the skeptic alike.

About the Author

A web developer by trade, Dan experience a connection with an injured sea turtle being cared for at the Loggerhead Marinelife Center in Juno Beach, FL. This sea turtle, Eartha, seems to take a liking to Dan. Her recovery and eventual release back to the ocean was the inspiration for his first book, The Tale of Eartha the Sea Turtle. He went on to write his second book, Steven the Vegan.


“My boys enjoyed this book as much as I enjoyed reading it to them. Great children’s book!” – Stephanie Garcia, Amazon

“Good vegan book” – Destiny Twarozynski, Amazon

“A must have book for kids! A lovely book that each kid should read.” – Mary, Amazon

“I loved the format: Vegan kid explains why he doesn’t eat each animal at the farm to his classmates.” – Ben Bolyard, Amazon

“I bought this book as I am a vegan, and wanted to read a children’s book to my 5 year old granddaughter at a bedtime when she spends a night in my house. She loved this book so much. She asks for this book every time she spends a night. Lately she told her parents that she wouldn’t want to eat meat because Animals are my friends, not food. I was so proud of her. My daughter and my son in law also have cut back eating meat and eat more vegetables than before, and feel that they have become healthier.” – Snowflake, Amazon

“Steven is a vegan. His class visits a farm sanctuary. The other kids think it’s odd that Steven eats vegetables… Steven explains animals are his friends. The other kids think they don’t eat animals, until they realize that hamburgers, hot dogs, bacon, ham, and pork chops come from animals. And milk is taken away from baby animals, to feed to humans instead, so the baby animals don’t get their mother’s milk. Steven asks if they wouldn’t eat a horse, or a owl, what’s the difference between that and the animals they have chosen to eat. Then he explains the food choices there are for a vegan… rice, pasta, veggie burgers with french fries, and salad, etc. Steven explains that hippos, elephants, rhinos, giraffes, gorillas are all vegan and you can be a big and strong vegan too. Cute story, great for teaching a kind, loving lifestyle! Great for change! My kids and their friends love this story!” – Amazon


A cover for the book Steven the Vegan showing a young boy and farm animals.

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