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That’s Why We Don’t Eat Animals

Author: Ruby Roth · Subject: Children’s


That’s Why We Don’t Eat Animals uses colorful artwork and lively text to introduce vegetarianism and veganism to early readers (ages six to ten).

Written and illustrated by Ruby Roth, the book features an endearing animal cast of pigs, turkeys, cows, quail, turtles, and dolphins. These creatures are shown in both their natural state — rooting around, bonding, nuzzling, cuddling, grooming one another, and charming each other with their family instincts and rituals — and in the terrible conditions of the factory farm.

The book also describes the negative effects eating meat has on the environment.

A separate section entitled “What Else Can We Do?” suggests ways children can learn more about the vegetarian and vegan lifestyles, such as:“Celebrate Thanksgiving with a vegan feast” or “Buy clothes, shoes, belts, and bags that are not made from leather or other animal skins or fur.”

This compassionate, informative book offers both an entertaining read and a resource to inspire parents and children to talk about a timely, increasingly important subject.

About the Author

Ruby Roth is an artist, designer, activist, and author and illustrator of vegan and vegetarian books for children.

Vegan since 2003, Roth was teaching art at an elementary school when her students’ fascination with veganism inspired her to write That’s Why We Don’t Eat Animals in 2009—the first book of its kind in children’s literature. Vegan Is Love and V Is for Vegan followed. Today, Roth’s books have been translated into multiple languages including German, Italian, Korean, French, Polish, and Slovenian.

Roth has received international attention for her sensitive, yet frank advocacy of a vegan diet and lifestyle. Complementing her degrees in art and American Studies, she has researched animal agriculture, health, nutrition, and the benefits of a plant-based diet for over a decade.


“This is a powerful and important book. Farm animals have emotions similar to our pets and this is conveyed in Roth’s enchanting illustrations. It will make children—and their parents—think. But it will not lead to nightmares, rather respect and compassion for the creatures whose well-being is in our hands.” – Jane Goodall, PhD, DBE, Founder of the Jane Goodall Institute & UN Messenger of Peace

“A refreshing, sympathetic, and attractive book that children are smart enough to understand, embrace and grow up a little by reading.” – Ingrid Newkirk, founder, PETA

“Ruby Roth has done us all a great service. If your children are vegetarians, or have friends who are, or are simply interested in why people might be vegetarians, this is the book for them!” – John Robbins, bestselling author of The Food Revolution, Diet For A New America

“Where adults are more firmly entrenched in their ways, children need only the slightest insights and guidance, and off they soar into the direction of a more conscious and kind way of living. This book will help to create the much needed healers and leaders of tomorrow. ” – Kathy Freston, NY Times bestselling author of Quantum Wellness

“Like many people, I knew as a child that I didn’t want to eat animals. That’s Why We Don’t Eat Animals would have offered me the guidance and inspiration I needed to understand those instincts. This book is a must-have for anyone who loves animals.” – Alicia Silverstone, actress, animal-rights activist

“In a time when we are all working to go green, I am thrilled that That’s Why We Don’t Eat Animals makes the connection between food and the environment, inspiring children to be aware and involved. ” – Ed Begley, actor, activist

“Stunning artwork, meaningful content, and a message that will inspire-this book is a must-read for every child. ” – Rory Freedman, NY Times bestselling author of Skinny Bitch

“Roth beautifully illustrates why we all love animals when we get the chance to experience their families and personalities. That’s Why We Don’t Eat Animals is a book I recommend to all parents and children. ” – David Wolfe, author of The Sunfood Diet Success System, founder of SunFood


That's Why We Don't Eat Animals - Vegan Books - Your Daily Vegan

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