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Cover for the book Green is the New Red. Cover features a grey background with white and gold lettering.

Green is the New Red

Author: Will Potter · Subject: Animal Rights & Activism


At a time when everyone is going green, most people are unaware that the FBI is using anti-terrorism resources to target environmentalists. Here is a guided tour into an underground world of radical activism and an introduction to the shadowy figures behind the headlines. But here also is the story of how everyday people are prevented from speaking up for what they believe in. Like the Red Scare, this “Green Scare” is about fear and intimidation, and Will Potter outlines the political, legal, and public relations strategies that threaten even acts of nonviolent civil disobedience with the label of “eco-terrorism.”

About the Author

Will Potter is an award-winning investigative journalist and author based in Washington, D.C. He specializes in the animal rights and environmental movements, and civil liberties post-9/11. His work has been featured in the world’s top media outlets, including the Washington Post, National Geographic, and Rolling Stone.

Will has been invited to testify before the U.S. Congress about his reporting, as the only witness opposing the Animal Enterprise Terrorism Act, and he has spoken about his investigations of “ag-gag” laws before the Australian Parliament. His reporting has overturned criminal prosecutions, and his book, Green Is The New Red, was described in Counter-Terrorism Unit surveillance documents as “compelling and well-written.” This year he was selected as a TED Senior Fellow, and also awarded the prestigious Knight Fellowship in Law Reporting.


“A thoughtfully alarming examination of the U.S. government’s post-9/11 domestic terror probes.” – Utne Reader

“A powerful exposé of how civil liberties are being threatened, how big corporations put young activists behind bars.” – Treehugger

“A fascinating book that helps shed some light on how counter-terrorism efforts have eroded constitutional rights and continue to threaten democracy in America.” – Bill of Rights Defense Committee

“What is so endearing about Green is the New Red is that it’s written in the style of a novel, not a reference guidebook, which adds so much more to its credibility. Each chapter brings personal accounts of unfairness and malicious treatment of people who want to get involved with movements that would improve our society. Whether you believe in the methods of these activist groups or not, the facts are glaringly obvious; there is a need for a change in the definition of terrorism and treatment of activists.” – Portland Book Review

“Potter deftly weaves together the political and legislative history of the Green Scare with a personal account… The story he tells is compelling in its narration, shocking and infuriating in its revelations, and ultimately inspiring…” – Encyclopædia Britannica

“If you’ve ever supported an animal welfare or environmental organization, you too may be a suspected terrorist: That’s the chilling take-away from Green Is the New Red, a thoughtfully alarming examination of the U.S. government’s post-9/11 domestic terror probes, which have inordinately targeted progressive-leaning activist groups. Author Will Potter, a journalist whose own low-level activism ran up against Homeland Security, delves deep into the social, political, legal—and, importantly, ethical—issues raised by this new war on ‘ecoterrorism.’” – Utne Reader

“In this hard-hitting debut, journalist Potter likens the Justice Department targeting of environmentalists today to McCarthyism in the 1950s. . . A shocking exposé of judicial overreach.” — Kirkus Reviews

“Potter (a contributor to The Next Eco-Warriors) warns that the U.S. government is using post-9/11 anti-terrorism resources to target environmentalists and animal right activists (in some cases for doing nothing but speaking up). After being threatened with a domestic terrorist label for leafleting, Potter turned to uncovering the “Green Scare” and details here the story of the Animal Liberation Front (ALF) and controversial protests that resulted in severe jail sentences for participants. Tracing funds from animal-exploiting corporations to Congress and the passing of the big business-friendly Animal Enterprise Terrorism Act, Potter reports on an increased usage of the terrorism enhancement in court cases. Citing Freedom of Information Act sources, he reveals that the U.S. government has constructed secret prisons, or Communication Management Units (CMUs), to house suspected terrorists in conditions even more extreme than those of Supermax facilities (which house Zacarias Moussaoui and Eric Rudolph, among others). Potter warns of the crumbling of ‘the legal wall separating ‘terrorist’ from ‘dissident’ or ‘undesirable,’ and concludes his account with a call to action and a decry of the injustice that results in the ‘terrorist’ label being put on those who threaten American corporate interests. Alarming.” — Publishers Weekly


Cover for the book Green is the New Red. Cover features a grey background with white and gold lettering.

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