Until Every Animal is Free Overview

Until Every Animal is Free is an insightful, candid work heralding the Animal Liberation Movement as the next logical step on the path of social justice, dispelling many of the myths that keep us from getting there.

In it, Saryta Rodriguez challenges the Myth of Human Supremacy and explores some of the ideological pillars behind the belief that humans are superior to all other animals. This book also discusses animal liberation theory, as well as (primarily twenty-first century) efforts to put animal liberation on the public agenda.

About the Author

Saryta is an editor, social justice advocate, and author. A graduate of Columbia University and ever passionate about social justice in all its forms, Saryta served AmeriCorps both as a member of the NYC Coalition Against Hunger and as a City Year Service Leader at PS 57 in East Harlem. After working at both David Black Literary Agency and Penguin Group, Saryta headed west and founded her own editing and consulting firm, Brave New Publishing.

Editorial Reviews

“Through both personal stories and well-cited research, Saryta’s book makes a solid case for veganism and animal rights activism. While I needed no convincing on those fronts, I learned new facts and perspectives that will be helpful in my own activist work.” – Pax Ahimsa Gethen. The Funcrunch Files. Sarya Rodriguez: Until Every Animal Is Free. 5 February 2015.

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