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Cover for the book Until Every Animal is Free. Features a closeup of two gorilla hands touching through a metal fence.

Until Every Animal is Free

Author: Saryta Rodriguez · Subject: Animal Rights & Activism


Until Every Animal is Free is an insightful, candid work heralding the Animal Liberation Movement as the next logical step on the path of social justice, dispelling many of the myths that keep us from getting there.

In it, Saryta Rodriguez challenges the Myth of Human Supremacy, and explores some of the ideological pillars behind the belief that humans are superior to all other animals. This book also discusses animal liberation theory, as well as (primarily twenty-first century) efforts to put animal liberation on the public agenda.

About the Author

Saryta is an editor, social justice advocate, and author. A graduate of Columbia University and ever passionate about social justice in all its forms, Saryta served AmeriCorps both as a member of the NYC Coalition Against Hunger and as a City Year Service Leader at PS 57 in East Harlem. After working at both David Black Literary Agency and Penguin Group, Saryta headed west and founded her own editing and consulting firm, Brave New Publishing.


“This is a wonderful, detailed account of the animal rights movement. The early chapters detail the author’s journey to a compassionate lifestyle. Then we learn about animal rights in general- the intellectual, philosophical and ethical considerations that inform the movement. Many of the tired, fallacious arguments used to justify the exploitation of animals are examined and dismantled. Even though I may personally disagree with the methodology of groups such as DxE I can still recommend this book without reservation.” – Kevin Taylor, Amazon

“Powerful, well researched, and deeply personal at times. The author seems to incorporate some level of objectivity with her own curiosities and passion in animal rights. Highly recommended. Thank you for sharing your perspective.” – Caroline, Amazon

“So many times reading this book I found myself nodding my head or thinking, “Exactly!” This book is filled with what so many ideas vegans already believe, but written in clear, no-nonsense terms. But this isn’t a “the world is horrible, but there’s nothing we can do about it” kind of book. Author Saryta Rodriguez aims to inspire people to take action, and even, perhaps unwittingly, provides ample information for when people argue that exploiting animals is their right.” – Emma Craig, Amazon


Cover for the book Until Every Animal is Free. Features a closeup of two gorilla hands touching through a metal fence.

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