What if the Shoe Were on the Other Hoof Overview

Through essays, poems, and art, What if the Shoe Were on the Other Hoof? allows us the chance to reverse our perspective; to see what animal agriculture might look like through the eyes of the animals. It asks us to consider the impact of our choices on other humans, the environment, and the animals with whom we share this world.

With both earnest contemplation and biting satire, this book acknowledges the power of the choices resting in our hands and asks that we make these choices with awareness and compassion.

About the Author

Keith Allison is an author and educator. He made national news when he filed a lawsuit against his former school district employer for being removed from his position as an elementary school tutor as a result of sharing his vegan beliefs on Facebook. Allison is now an educator for the Ethical Choices Program– a program that aims to empower high school students to make thoughtful, responsible lifestyle decisions. They examine issues related to modern agriculture and its impact on the environment, our health, and farmed animals.

Editorial Reviews

“Allison’s work shines a light into the dark shadows of modern-day animal agriculture, exposing something that the industry wishes we would forget- animals matter. What if the Shoe Were on the Other Hoof? is a poignant examination of the fundamental truth about all of us; none of us want to hurt animals. So why do we? The answer to this question requires us to re-evaluate our most deeply-held beliefs about using animals. Keith shows how to widen our view and build upon the compassion that we all inherently possess. Engaging and filled with complexity, What if the Shoe Were on the Other Hoof? is a good book to share and wait for the conversations to follow. Because they will.”

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