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The Get Healthy Go Vegan Cookbook: 125 Easy and Delicious Recipes to Jump-Start Weight Loss

Author: Neal Barnard + Robyn Webb · Subject: Cookbooks


In Dr. Neal Barnard’s Get Healthy Go Vegan Cookbook, the country’s leading diabetes team weighs in on America’s hottest dietary trend. The cookbook is based on a landmark two-year study conducted by Dr. Barnard, which showed that a vegan diet more effectively controls type 2 diabetes. In fact, it‘s also beneficial for weight loss, the reversal of heart disease, and the improvement of many other conditions.

Dr. Barnard and nutritionist Robyn Webb now offer easy, delicious meals to improve your health. Featuring 125 flavorful recipes, readers will find all-occasion dishes that use familiar ingredients and require minimal effort. All recipes are free of animal products, low in fat, and contain a low-to-moderate glycemic index.

Barnard and Webb explain how diet changes can have such dramatic health effects and provide simple ways to get started. With convenient menus, scientifically proven advice, and inspiring stories from real people who have used Barnard’s recommendations to turn their health around, there’s no better cookbook to help you eat well and feel great.

About the Authors

Neal Barnard, MD, is founder and president of the Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine and author of fifteen health and nutrition books.

Robyn Webb, MS, is food editor of the ADAs Diabetes Forecast magazine. They each live in Washington, DC.


“I was over the moon when I received the Get Healthy Go Vegan cookbook. Teamed up with nutritionist Robyn Webb, these 2 knock it out of the park! What is great about this cookbook is that it isn’t just recipes. It explains the benefits of a plant-based diet as well as covering how the recipes in the book will assist you in reaching optimal health…Just looking at the ingredients and the variety of dishes is enough to get your salivary glands going…You can’t go wrong with The Get Healthy, Go Vegan Cookbook!” – Carolyn Scott-Hamilton, founder

“Any library strong in vegan cookbooks must have [this]…It packs in over a hundred easy recipes and pairs them with color photos and explanations from a noted physician who explains the basics of a vegan diet and its health benefits. The dishes are based on ordinary ingredients and take no time…Any vegan collections must add this!” – Midwest Book Review

“Deliver[s] pages and pages of vegan recipes…Most of them are a snap to make…All of them are yummy enough that I’d gladly eat them every day…For those who are curious about a vegan diet but aren’t ready to go at it full tilt, this is the book to start with…For those who want to improve their health, Barnard’s advice and information is invaluable.” – Curled Up With A Good Book

“Barnard presents information on the efficacy of a vegan diet that is grounded on extensive research…An excellent guidebook for anyone embarking on a journey to a healthier lifestyle.” – Vegetarians in Paradise

“A great addition to a vegan’s cookbook collection…[It] calls for very few specialized vegan ingredients…making the dietary changes less of a strenuous job for the novice or aspiring vegan…Definitely a good source for vegan neophytes, as well as for lifelong vegans, who can also probably use it as an instrument to expand their recipe repertoire.” – Metapsychology Online Reviews


Get Healthy Go Vegan Cookbook - Vegan Books - Your Daily Vegan

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