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A cover for the book The Abundance Diet. Features an overhead picture of an iron skillet filled with colorful vegan food sitting on a red and white checked cloth on top of a wooden table.

The Abundance Diet

Author: Somer McCowan · Subject: Cookbooks


This groundbreaking cookbook and diet plan is for anyone who wants to take control of their weight and health through whole plant-based foods. Somer’s 28-Day Diet Plan includes a foreword by Neal Barnard, M.D. and an (optional) bonus juice feast to kick-start your weight loss and health journey. The plan includes over 100 delicious recipes (all gluten-free) and is customizable to suit individual tastes.

Among the delicious, nutrient-packed recipes are:

• Cheesy-Smoky-Spicy Black Bean Soup
• Tropical Colada Green Smoothie
• Grilled Eggplant and Zucchini Lasagna
• Bananas Foster Pancakes
• Blueberry Peach Tart with Apricot Crumble

And many more.

Somer, herself, reversed severe Ulcerative Colitis through a plant-based diet, and many who have tried her plan lost weight quickly and safely while feeling full and eating an abundance of whole plant-based foods. Part of what makes this plan so unique is that the author has simplified the method so readers don’t have to count calories.

With The Abundance Diet, readers can dramatically change their overall health, reduce their cholesterol, take control of their blood pressure, and shrink their waistline. In addition to the 28-Day Diet Plan and bonus juice feast, an entire chapter is devoted to fitness, helping the reader to incorporate exercise regardless of fitness ability.

About the Author

Somer McCowan is a self-taught chef who has a passion for food and inventing delicious recipes. She has worked creating food in bakeries and restaurants in the U.S. and Australia. She blossomed in her own kitchen when she became vegan.

Several years ago, she was diagnosed with a severe autoimmune disease called Ulcerative Colitis and completely reversed her condition through the whole-foods, plant-based diet presented in The Abundance Diet. She loves helping others improve their health through eating the right kinds of food. She lives in Utah where she publishes her blog,


“This is a great cookbook! I’m an avid hobbyist when it comes to experimenting with new recipes in my quest for nutritional greatness. I have 50 or 60 vegan cookbooks in my collection, and I use them all to varying degrees. “Abundance”, however, has me puttering around the kitchen continuously, because, even after I think I’m done cooking for the day, I just have to try another recipe that intrigues me! This collection of recipes has particularly captured my imagination and curiosity. The recipes presented here are creative, offering a new take on some of my plant-based staple foods (for example, the cashew sour cream recipe reduces fat content and boosts protein, without compromising flavor or texture AT ALL). Many of the recipes do rely on nuts and soy, but the author thoughtfully includes some alternatives throughout. I particularly appreciate flavorful ideas that enable me to reduce use of cooking oil, and I also find that these recipes are very flexible. I can easily adapt them to suit my own presences. For example the ‘egg salad’ recipe is genius as printed (I never would have thought of it myself!), but I prefer some extra crunch and kick – so, boom, I added some minced onion/celery and a pinch of raw garlic, and I have the perfect vegan egg salad for moi! The spicy peanut dipping sauce that uses PB2 instead of full fat peanut butter is just, well, a really cool idea. Yum city.” – Sally Mead, Amazon

“One of the scariest things about eating without packaged foods is cost, especially for me as an independent artist. to make it even harder, I am a vegan, gluten-free, and have to be low-carb sugar-free because of my Type 1 Diabetes. So the way I eat has to be sustainable both for my health, and my budget indefinitely. Before I had even gotten to the recipe section of the book, it had already given me a TON of cost-saving tips, which also happen to reduce the amount of environmental cost from buying certain staples (like almond milk) from the store. I also happen to like food. A lot. I bought this book because I wanted a new set of soup recipes for the fall and winter, not thinking much about the salad options or smoothies, but after reading the information at the beginning I decided the 28 day plan might be fun to do for health and as a way to test all the new recipes (and maybe lose a few pounds too). I do have to do some substitutions because I cannot have the high-starch bread, corn or white potatoes, but even with those changes everything is great. Even better, I have read a ton of whole food books that talk about the way to set up your kitchen, and most have these crazy expectations, this one does not. The grocery list is also something I can take with me and not have to alter at all except for switching to more seasonal foods. I am so excited about this book it is already on my Holiday list for many of my relatives.” – Muggs, Amazon


A cover for the book The Abundance Diet. Features an overhead picture of an iron skillet filled with colorful vegan food sitting on a red and white checked cloth on top of a wooden table.

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